n those years we were chasing the love of Shanghai

generally give you a snapshot of the formation principle, to the new owners under universal knowledge about love, give you a snapshot of Shanghai popular metaphor, we have to take a picture, a picture of love Shanghai snapshot is the search engine to our website of shooting, search engine has reserved a page to our website page caching, each page is updated, we will update the snapshot with, but this photo is not the color of black and white but, because of our website pictures, video, animation and not in the cache. Figure

, a principle of love Shanghai snapshot

, three different snapshots of the reason that


two, love Shanghai snapshots and included here


1. different degrees of competition and sometimes we search our different keywords showing snapshots and page snapshots are different, that is why? This is because the degree of competition in our keywords is different, at the same time keywords our data and our website data is stored in different database, so the call will appear different snapshots.

The quantity and quality of the chain

loves Shanghai very familiar with some just some snapshots webmaster webmaster is not very familiar with, this is our Shanghai dragon optimization of a noun in the process often come into contact with the Shanghai in the end we love snapshot optimization in what position, we in the optimization often meet many problems, such as a snapshot: long-term not updated snapshot, snapshot snapshot backwards or disappear, rather baffling through a series of different keywords will appear different snapshot snapshot problem and so on, these problems are troubling us, so how can we solve these problems and solve them, below I give you analyze some problems about love Shanghai.

in the relation between snapshots and included, many people have expressed their views, some people say that included good snapshot update soon, someone said the snapshot update soon, we will be included in the site, it is not our content updates, and included a new snapshot will in fact, love Shanghai, or vice versa, snapshot and we collected is not directly linked, and they can’t influence between each other, but there are still subtle relationship between them, that is love Shanghai and included snapshot of our site, there is a direct relationship between all and our website self weight and updates to fine tune the frequency. They directly influence our love Shanghai snapshots and included.

four, love Shanghai not updated snapshot and solutions

2. anchor text that someone will ask us different keywords snapshot is different, it is because we do in the chain for keywords, the number of keywords his different anchor text is different at the same time, the quality of the chain is different, these reasons are caused by the different key words of love Shanghai different snapshot.

love ShanghaiKeywords The formation of


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