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there is a period of time without the A5, mainly because of the share in my journey to Shanghai Longfeng enterprises should be how to do the chain (a) after write a share: my journey to Shanghai Longfeng enterprises should be how to do the content (two) did not pass. It is going to write a series of articles, but it did not pass, a little blow, so there is no continued, after a period of precipitation, decided to continue the series, to share with you today is Shanghai dragon and phoenix road show the enterprises how to increase website weight.

we look at the first picture, the weight of the webmaster tools to the 2, we note that the one is expected to visit, from the love of Shanghai 135 times, look at the second pictures, is expected to visit Shanghai from love is 85 times, the weight is 1, here we may think, there is a relationship between weight and flow, when the weight of web traffic to a certain extent when the site will naturally be raised, is expected to visit the webmaster tools of weight more than 100 of the time from the website of love Shanghai is 2 to 500 when the weight is 3 to 1000 of the time, the website weight is 4, here is not described above.

this is the weight of love stand nets to, obviously not the same, webmaster tools weight is 1, and the weight of love stand nets to the 2, we have to struggle in the physical data why not, as long as the habit is often used as a tool to be good, but I prefer the webmaster tools, after a period of time of the tool of observation, the author found this weight is regular. Then we see a group of pictures:

This is


webmaster tools to



is not wrong, only the site has a fixed flow will have a weight, weight will stimulate more keywords ranking, if starting from this idea, we can use the inside pages to do some long tail keywords, be sure to pay attention to the degree of competition is not too big, the degree of competition is too big, the inside pages simply can not do again, this time we can give these pages do some outside the chain, the more important pages can link the station with appropriate, I think the importance of the station link is not how I said, Zac in the "code" also said that the product page > important

we all know the importance of the weights of the website, but did not love Shanghai official weight give specific value, but there are many third party data, webmaster tools and love station network, we believe that for these two tools are not very strange, because not so when we query the database with a website weight the two tools of the values given are not the same, we see below:

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