Linktech come to TVSN to get coupons shlf1314 plans to add YouTube video to Adsense

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      Beijing time October 9th news, according to technology blog TechCrunch reported that shlf1314 will begin from Tuesday YouTube video Adsense advertising program.

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Adsense "video unit" will display two types of ads, namely, Web context ads and broadcast video contextual advertising. Adsense users can select any YouTube video to advertise, provided that the video comes from content providers that have signed agreements with YouTube. Video generated advertising revenue will be shared by web owners, content producers, and shlf1314 three.


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had been added in Adsense video ads, YouTube has also been running video advertising plans, but the new measures introduced on Tuesday but means that the company will be the first in the YouTube content of the third party website added in advertising. There is no doubt that shlf1314 hopes to get more returns from YouTube through this move. At the end of 2006, shlf1314 bought YouTube, a video sharing site, for $1 billion 650 million. As it has not been tested, it is still uncertain whether shlf1314’s plans will be accepted by advertisers. But in any case, websites and bloggers will add a new source of revenue.

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