Papi content after the gem can make money

investment in Papi sauce, Xu Xiaoping had said that the content of the business may subvert the traditional ideas of our business.


Papi sauce

but with the decline in mobile Internet traffic dividends, many people believe that the content of the window has been too entrepreneurial. WeChat number of fans to slow down growth, in addition to the contents of the head, most of the content entrepreneurs will usher in the winter.

in the second half of 2016, the content of entrepreneurial projects no longer like the first half as full of glory, just an investment plus can casts a thousand beams. "Fellow uncle realized more than a million, but also in the air flying a few days, and can ease the initial class anxiety.


in the venture capital hunting cloud Network Summit Zhenge fund director Gu Minman, she said she was Papi fans of the secret sauce, because of love this short video content, she will Papi sauce team recommended to Xu Xiaoping, this is what I once solved for Xu will look from Zhongguancun transfer to the legendary red net up questions.

so want to get institutional investment projects, investors become fans is a big advantage, the importance of the content itself is beyond doubt. In addition to Papi sauce, it real fund has also invested in elephant Association and intellectuals of a plurality of content items. Gu Minman will create itself as an artist, but this is not the content of the project Minman Gu fancy sufficient condition.

3C, Chemistry (chemical reaction), Complementary (complementary), and Compromise (compromise), this is a thing about the three most important entrepreneurial team." Gu Minman told phoenix.

energy sources continue to generate content and the ability to create a steady stream of revenue is the ability to go through the business of the content of the entrepreneurial project to go on two support, are indispensable. If an artist is not able to commercialize his or her ability, an excellent business team is a must.

for Papi sauce, Yang Ming is such a role. He worked for many years in Huayi Brothers, Angelababy has done a broker, in the business sense, the level of visibility. In the view of Gu Minman, this is a rare "understanding and complementary team". The valuation of 100 million yuan, is a real "discounted" price. Xu Xiaoping also once said, when institutions are given 2-3 billion valuation, and ultimately Yang Ming considering the ownership structure and other factors to choose a thing.

in the minds of thinking after the withdrawal of shares, Papi sauce has been an unprecedented question. But Gu Minman said, try Papi sauce in the business, made a miraculous success. She did not disclose specific figures, with "very amazing" to describe the final data.

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