mplementation of WAP push based on short message gatewayYang Zhiyuan optimistic about online advert

"in a word, for the moment, we feel that the decision to cooperate with the Alibaba is correct, but it is too early to judge whether it will work."." Yang Zhiyuan said, "the best strategy is that China and the United States to work together, both sides can benefit from it."."

Right Media launched an online advertising trading platform that helps advertisers easily find websites and web service providers that target their customers. shlf1314 announced in April that it would launch a publicly traded advertising platform similar to Right Media in its $3 billion 100 million acquisition of DoubleClick in DoubleClick.

technology news Beijing on May 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, on Monday, YAHOO announced that the United States online advertising trading platform provider Right Media full close to the arm, optimistic about the business of YAHOO co-founder Yang Zhiyuan said on Wednesday that the Alibaba will also recommend CEO Ma set up similar trading platform in Chinese.

A more than 1 thousand high-tech industry entrepreneurs to participate in the Sino US

on Monday, YAHOO bought Right Media 80% with $680 million in cash and shares in response to shlf1314’s acquisition of Right Media’s rival, DoubleClick. Since YAHOO has held Right Media 20% stake, after the acquisition is completed, Right Media will become its wholly-owned subsidiary.

Sina Abstract WAP PUSH has sent information actively and timely, and can receive information whenever and wherever possible the advantages, so it has good application prospects. This paper briefly introduces the WAP PUSH system framework, push protocol and push mode, and focuses on the implementation of WAP push through SMS gateway.


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in mobile networks, because of the existence of network bandwidth, mobile terminal capacity and high expense and many other restrictions, allows users to find information is limited, if the mobile device will be important information and timely initiative pushed to the user will greatly facilitate the users. The advantage of mobile communication is that mobile devices can receive information anytime and anywhere, so PUSH technology can make great efforts in mobile networks. WAP PUSH is the product of PUSH technology and mobile communication. WAP PUSH is the PUSH technology applied in mobile networks, which combines the characteristics of general PUSH technology and mobile network. Its system framework, protocols and services are quite different from those of PUSH technology on fixed networks.

, "I’m going to call Jack Ma and tell him about the idea of exchanging advertising platforms."." "There are huge opportunities," Yang Zhiyuan said."

August 2005, YAHOO spent $1 billion to buy a 40% stake in Alibaba, and YAHOO China to operate by Alibaba.

Yang Zhiyuan said, with YAHOO and Alibaba 2nd anniversary anniversary approaching, the two sides in the China search and portal business need to catch up with competitors, but he is expected to be improved in a number of years.

conference held in California, Yang Zhiyuan made a keynote speech as above, the conference is brought to the rapid growth of China economic opportunities and challenges.

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