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you have time, as long as you are willing to pay, no income, more show your laziness. Some time ago, I was a friend, play green journey, do business, spend a little time every day, basically can have about 100 income a day, but very tired, and the computer is generally 20 hours online. The same time, I first contact Wangzhuan, through the chat room drainage, fully manual operation, 6 hours a day, a day to do CPS also has more than 100 income.

time advantage, do Wangzhuan 80% is enough time, the time is not afraid of income? But why there are still a lot of friends do not have a good income.

? What’s the problem with

4, over the past year, we regularly report our operations to our users. So there is no secret between us and the user. Access to APP today is the result of user participation and oversight. If you want to know our data in advance, you are welcome to attend our live broadcast at APP on Tuesday evening at eight. The heart is big, the mouth leaks, everything says.

actually do Wangzhuan, we should make an analysis of yourself, what what are the advantages, where we can get what kind of resources with this advantage? When we find their own advantages, I believe that if you want to make money through the network, it is only part of the problem.

friends, do not blindly go looking for projects, first of all to find their own advantages, in the hands. Not all of the items are for you.

3, this value analysis report, I was the first to see. Thank you for your investment friends. Good investment institutions are welcome to invest in us at a reasonable price. Our financial advisor is huaxing. Stop looking for us, looking for huaxing. Our time is spent waiting for the user and making the product.


many friends always have a confused, why do Wangzhuan always have a good income, where is the problem?


below for Luo Zhenyu response full text:

so no matter who we are, we should analyze our advantages and start from the advantage to make ourselves grow faster. Financial advantages, in fact, as long as you have money, everything is easy to do, even if you are really a novice network, you can also make money in a very short time.

if you are a novice, you should think about it, when you see the overwhelming day to earn hundreds of advertising time, what ability can achieve this level in a few days time? How much do you know about the novice friends? Do you know this project? You how much time and money to operate the project? What are your resources to complete the project

you have enough capital, can go to A5 to buy a website, as everyone knows, as long as the site traffic, will not have no money income, we can see that the acquisition of the site A5 friends, analyze why they are willing to spend so much money to buy the website, think about the final profit point.

human resources, compared with the capital, the biggest feature is not money the first thing to do, this will depend on a long-term accumulation of interpersonal relationship, you can integrate your friends around the complementary advantages, let you win.

technology news Wang Pan in July 19th, according to the network transmission logic thinking plan in the second half of 2018 A shares submitted IPO application, by the end of 2019 landing gem, the logic of thinking, App founder Luo Zhenyu micro-blog this morning responded that the company was "wake up," said, do not want to market is false, but there is no timetable for the listing.

2, Ronaldo thinking is still a start-up company, the focus of all the current is to do a good job of products, serve good users, in the knowledge services on the road hard walled, fight battle. I don’t want to do anything else. It’s no use thinking about it. I’m sorry for the delay.


1, wake up, found "listed". Create a return to the industry, said there is no listing of the vision is false. However, the gem is not their own home, say on the ah, we do not have a timetable.

of course you can also spend money to find a master of writing software, writing software, such as what group such as software, as long as can bring traffic, finally find a good trading platform to sell, that is a long-term income. Capital advantage can be said to be the best, but how to make rational use of funds to make more income, this is the key.

Luo Zhenyu said that the mind is still a start-up company, the current focus of everything is to do a good job of products, nothing else. The mind has a vision of going public, but there is no timetable.

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