How can a grassroots get a monthly income from a penniless accountElimination reconstruction chaos

hand craft, network big movie, cultural creation, net red…… Different public entities continue to emerge; all Jingdong chips, poly meters raised, Suning congregation raised…… Different types of chips raised platform on-line. This situation makes a lot of people started to raise the public before the concept from far away into the present and added in the congregation raised as the shadow follows the form, on the story, feelings and other soft existence makes it far out on the Internet financial, in addition to the cold return, to bring more warmth and which is in the project’s own extra talk.

with the supply side reform is deepening, the traditional institution or group as the main supplier of cultural industry structure is undergoing profound changes, the proportion of institutions and organizations in the cultural industry will gradually reduce the supply side. The new content providers represented by creative studios, celebrity studios and individual entrepreneurs will gradually change the structure of traditional cultural industries and turn into the main body of cultural supply. Moreover, the growing population of content providers, the most direct result of the increase in supply side resources, is the intensification of competition.

and industry, the reconstruction of investment structure becomes more obvious. And all the chips have become an important force in the restructuring of investment structure. Compared with the traditional type of investment, all the chips can make investors more directly involved in the project implementation process, and through participation to understand the real situation of the project, coupled with the stories and feelings of factors on the project, the congregation raised gradually become the first choice for people who invest in the new period.

talking about my network to make money through, to my current thinking, I make money online experience, I found that I am still relatively lucky, at least I take detours is still relatively small. I remember my first project is Taobao shop, when Taobao store I still work for Taobao, that time is also holding a play of mind to do, just have to expect to earn money meter.

raise public television as an important branch of the congregation, never is to raise the public areas can not be avoided, because it appears to have been the hottest cultural industry market has become more active.

uses good ideas, good ideas, good stories to attract more people’s attention and get funding for project launch


Abstract: to raise public television as a new concept derived from culture to raise the public, it appears naturally lit many ordinary investors, for many film and television projects provides a new way to solve the problem of funds.

eliminates or refactoring and is a useful change for

I come back home, open the computer to see the delivery want tips, I realized that I really to sell things, and is using a mobile phone chat a few messages on the sold out, at that time I was very excited, because the product sold me a profit of 31 dollars. At that time, only 800 of the monthly salary of me, but also a very small income. The success of that single business made me full of information about making money online. Since then, I’ve been studying Taobao regularly. Basically, the weekend has been spent entirely on Taobao. It can be said that Taobao let me realize that you can make money online, this is also the source of all my knowledge later, basically I contact some of the projects and Taobao more or less have some contact.

is Taobao’s first single business, so I remember, I remember that day, the weather is not very good, I just came from a client’s future, the sky began to rain, when in a McDonald’s shelter, received a text message, the message is short letter I want set, direct the customer chat messages sent to my mobile phone, the message content is "here" I replied to a "customer", and then began to ask some information about the product, at that time I was selling women’s clothing, not expensive, 68 dollars a shirt, because I are so few, for the customer asked questions is relatively understanding, answered several customer problems, one to the customer really bought, he said he was shot down, I’m not what Feeling, because at that time for Taobao to sell things, or in a relatively ignorant process, plainly, that time I do not believe that Taobao can really sell things.

at that time, my main job is to do things for the company, Taobao is the lack of time to take care of, Taobao revenue is not a lot, every month to sell some clothes to earn money, I also served as the outer block, although Taobao can earn money, but at that time my mind or the company >

With the increasing gap between

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with the "Internet plus" era, the combination of the Internet industry and traditional industry is growing, the gap between the Internet industry and traditional industries gradually eliminate, industry type of diversified development momentum, Ali, sh419, Tencent, Jingdong and other Internet giant continue to use Internet technology to change people for traditional industry view the Internet has become the current technology driven economic development engine". The diversification of the industry brings about a variety of investors’ types of investment. The Internet, real-time, transparent "became an important label Internet plus" era.

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