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3. some things through the network to buy, some things can not be.

, we need to be friends with Taobao. Deep thinking. We usually speak well and understand exactly what Taobao post is. Rather than advertising everywhere, causing users of resentment, but also to the major forum maintenance personnel everywhere to shield, delete posts. It’s for the benefit of our Taobao family.

the seller’s credit is through his judgment of the star, red, diamond, the crown, the most cattle is of course the crown. But there is one point to note is to see his poor, must see, some people see him look so much praise, praise, feel good. Not necessarily, because Taobao’s mechanism is to sell a piece of goods, if there is no doubt that buyers do not take the initiative and evaluation, after a certain period of time will give the seller’s praise, in this sense, the seller must be more than the rated. Honesty is often a problem when the seller can not timely treatment. A lot of praise, but also a lot of bad sellers do not respond, the seller in a low rating will have a lot of talking, this explanation can not explain in Taobao called, through to see your own judgement, but anyway, if within one month of the total bad sellers you should pay attention to, especially I also noticed some sellers for the poor and do not explain, and he is the two crown. The seller is diandaqike meaning, if you are not afraid that a poor chance to stand on your head, you’d better stay away from him, no matter how much he has a crown. I also talked about how is generally the seller to praise.

a lot of people online shopping, because afraid of being cheated, afraid of poisoning, afraid of that, the result is a network dare not go up, what unofficial web site can not open. Otherwise, poison legend will be poisoned. I never understood what these people thought. This is why it. The Internet is a kind of fun, results because of fear of fear that, by some very few in the network and the loss of freedom scum. Really, that’s not necessary. In doing so, you will lose the pleasure of shopping. Will also lose a lot of good people summed up recommended high-quality goods and so on.. In fact, we see a lot of posts, so that antivirus software can do anything, so that everyone is too dependent on antivirus software. Personally, I rarely install antivirus software. Also very little poisoning, of course, poisoning, I can know most of their own, but also to solve their own. this is the way, the individual.

, I’m also posting posts around here explaining how phishing is different: offering a post hoping to be a guest of Taobao, a friend who can turn around, and for all of us

now users really can not imagine, what happened antivirus, do not understand useful?. Phishing sites can’t be killed.. Fishing site is a normal web page with the general request function, anti-virus software is difficult to control. After all, it’s just software. Not analytical and discerning. In fact, anti-virus software companies are everywhere advertising stickers, but also our competitors Taobao customers. They kill everything and say phishing sites everywhere. Sweat.

In fact, Taobao

I buy things at Taobao for the first time in five or six years ago, I implement a software project in Shanghai at that time. Buy a second-hand PDA founder, didn’t know what faith, and I didn’t see what diamond is all red, and there are now only a diamond crown. Then the PDA bought the truth, not good, then used quite expensive, 700 yuan. No later how to use it away. Feel a bit cheated, felt no way, also cheated on the cheat, did not realize the great effect of Taobao credit function.

it’s disappointing for us to be Taobao guests. As a result, they are willing to enter Taobao to buy expensive.. They fear that our website is a phishing site and is afraid to trade on such sites..

book, digital products can be purchased through the network, and clothes, especially the trousers is not suitable for online purchase.

the two day in the Taobao buy prompted by a sudden impulse, a number of things, bags, clothes, mobile phone and so on, and also the seller to upgrade, buy things how to fangpian experience.

1. the price is too low, can not buy.

online shopping how to prevent phishing sites.

shopping needs to grasp the following principles.

I wonder if you have encountered such a situation.. You go to promote your website, for example, in knowing to answer a post, someone will say your website is Taobao fishing website.. I really have no words.. Then I do some investigation, to ask questions of friends, ask questions, they don’t believe what most people think, that the shopping guide website, too dangerous, is a phishing site, because they don’t understand is like a stick policy, because of fear of being cheated in fear of poison, afraid of this and that results there is not on the network, they are completely what non official website can not be opened. Otherwise, poison legend will be poisoned..

Of course, Taobao

2. must find a good credit seller

is not to say that the price is too low, it must be false, there must be a reason why the low price low. You look at the price, buy back their own are not satisfied, some trouble. Taobao seller in order to ensure their own credit value most to return. But for you to catch the time and effort, not immediate return. Hello seller in advance, in order to avoid this happening will tell you that you must understand the information. Then when the premise is that you are looking for buyers of high credit. Please look at the second principle, tell you how to judge the credit good seller.


do some time off their ideas as friends, and we are not the same personal feeling, because they seem to pay more attention to their own website image, pay more attention to make their sites to let everyone believe that you are not a phishing site..

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