dle idle tell you what the real Wangzhuan three fell sh419 Wangzhuan rebirth

during that time, not only did the BUG know how desperately to make money, but some foreign advertising League Managers turned into supervisory roles. I have a friend, asked to do at least $2000 performance up every day, one day later he did not reach, the manager is very angry, he simply said I quit, the manager immediately soft down, and put the original $8 a percentage increase to $9. This led to a large number of complaints, the North American first found this loophole, then these people fought in Europe, and made a final to now, after all is encrypted, the vulnerability was completely blocked.

built this station before, there is a YAHOO webmaster days, I have a free two level station, the operation is also considered good. But YAHOO’s webmaster days were switched off in February 28th. At that time YAHOO Adsense world will be closed, in order to transfer the data in the free site for a fool the account, according to the free customer service proposal, apply for an international domain name, is now sh419 Wangzhuan sh419bwz, when applying for the domain name when the main consideration is the use of sh419’s name. So, sh419 called wangzhuan. The data transfer over, the original owners and make friends relationship shifts smoothly and logically day or better.

is then out to click mainly a sh419 webmaster Wangzhuan, the name of sh419 partners under the banner, with high click the lowest paid as bait to launch the upgrade plan, overnight sh419 promotion Wangzhuan all over the forum posts, people started to receive money, Chinese click Wangzhuan circle suddenly boiling Dora, offline upgrade members all good money, have money to upgrade a senior member of the ranks of tens of dollars of investment is not what, but for sh419 webmaster Wangzhuan this may be an astronomical figure. Later we all know the results, "sh419 Wangzhuan liar is also a major forum". sh419 webmaster Wangzhuan can be said to be rich and famous.

09 years the economic crisis has led to the online advertising industry downturn, but many people still find quickly to get more than one million opportunity, this opportunity to be honest, do not care, is really not what people find out. This opportunity is the mobile phone category registration project. Why is this an opportunity? Because at first, there was a huge BUG.

a lot of people, so far are still worried about traffic, in fact, as I said before, when you understand, do not need traffic, you can make money when you get started. In fact, most of the time, the flow is only a reflection of data. In some of the black hat forums abroad, some foreigners actually have superb black hat skills. Here I will give you some real examples:

I suffer, my station also called sh419 Wangzhuan, people add my money every day, many hardcore downline also left me. I had to change my station name for my own station. Change how many times you don’t remember, "rich uncle Mao," Mao Wangzhuan Wangzhuan "rich" and "free money", "Chinese click station" and "ant Wangzhuan"…… the effect is not good, people see my domain name on the thought I was the sh419 Wangzhuan station, finally named Mao rich uncle wangzhuan. Only come back from the new, and gradually accumulate popularity.

many domestic webmaster, I believe that have done the promotion of bell type, and in 2003 or so is a high tide. Abroad, relatively speaking, in recent years began to gradually such ads, mainly foreign people are not very concerned about the mobile phone, the phone is just call it OK, along with the popularity of smart mobile phone, the mobile phone function more and more foreigners more interested, so there is this kind of registered advertising.


to write this article, said that as a novice webmaster, from the beginning to plan their own station, from the name to the direction of the site will have a long-term plan, to learn how to protect your station. Wangzhuan sh419 from the outset means the destruction of bangdakuan from no good results, the website does not have its own characteristics cannot last. But I didn’t expect the disaster to come so fast. Fortunately, it’s only a stop for me. It’s a long way to go, and the website is going to run for a long time. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

of course, this tool is expensive, and must be large bandwidth to use, usually run on the server to lose

general for ringtones class advertising, is to receive a SMS confirmation, but 09 years in foreign countries, such advertising, but there is a huge BUG. When you point your own ads, and then fill out a mobile phone number, you can cut package tools to intercept SMS confirmation code, and then fill in it, the Commission is generally around $10, so there have been several months of madness.

originally wrote an article called "sh419" Wangzhuan survive my website named sh419 is really guilty Wangzhuan, Chinese name, big scary, in fact, is a small little website. Probably nobody knows except himself and the people in his own circle. When a small webmaster, have fixed income, although less, but really. Recently, for this station, it’s really a big headache.

this is one of them, then foreign Foreigner General black hat SEO, not like this Chinese, build blog, with a tool like this, or madman collection, but the key to do the chain. Here is the birth of a new top-level tool: XRUMER. This powerful tool to what extent, can automatically break the registration code, one night after millions of light chain, believe that know this tool China webmaster few, but do foreign trade imitation goods should almost all know this thing.

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