Three times a day is hard for a rich manTaobao crown seller of second hand laptop personal webmaster

personal webmaster, sustained growth, the investment and my work is a continuous process, maybe I will be a month after posting this forum to go, then only once a month, oh…… It is said to webmaster nets write soft text should send a link, then I will send: fourth sound worry free, all for future worry…… In fact, I have some other personal views, first after this business, and then write an article about.

person’s life, success and failure, learning environment, entrepreneurial environment is extremely important. Moonlight clan online often do is look at entertainment, lace news, chat, Forum irrigation, social networking sites poor happy…… Ten years later, I believe they will be moonlight clan. If these people go to the following websites every day, three times a day, I can guarantee that they are not rich!!!
If a Fubon MBA think tank network is the text version of the business school, the Fubon www.cfbaa even the video version of cloud storage business school out and out. Read the table after your resource directory will be very surprised, there is training videos from all walks of life is too full of it, the success of science, management science for everything, self-motivated, strong desire to learn a friend is estimated to be excited several days. The only fly in the ointment is that there are not many free resources to watch, and the website is not built enough to be atmospheric and interactive. But in view of the extremely rich resources, the quality of the picture is also high-definition, from these points of view, it is still very recommendable. However, there seems to be a free chance to get a mobile hard disk……


, I also read a map of the king’s "fast, accurate and relentless way to earn money, I hope this is" fast ", because Taobao was yesterday"". We sincerely hope that we are interested in the project of individual owners to reach a cooperative relationship, the outside environment changes, your reaction is faster, then give yourself a little time to think about it carefully, then, you don’t never know what action is how to develop the executive power is very important.

well, get to the point, if you look at our shop, other sellers should also use Taobao search second-hand laptop, is easy to be found, our shop is the only one of the crown sellers, historical turnover and the number of tens of thousands of pens, grows every day, we have been in to enhance their service awareness, but also in the Taobao YAHOO train on advertising, also do a promotion at Amoy, its purpose is only one: to maintain the existing advantages, opportunities for development.

can do everything in the Taobao advertising work has been done, we are ready to expand horizons, so in early August this year, we released the details in the investment work,, investment work is still in progress, yesterday, Taobao and Ali mother integration, it let us suddenly realized that the continued growth of the personal webmaster the power can not be ignored, so we expect individual owners to seek cooperation, mutual benefit, cooperation can be further elaborated on the specific, because we are here now, only thinking of the text, pictures, links to marketing, this is the webmaster familiar, we are not very good.


first introduce myself, I am responsible for our personal webmaster shop merchants of this part of the work, and this idea is put forward by me, the name we are: Taobao digital Huijia website is, from the beginning in April, because I started to pay attention to the webmaster, just yesterday in the webmaster Online to buy a the domain name, say when the transaction process is a bit nervous, but I have been concerned about the sale of domain name and the moderator, moderator also gave me a lot of suggestions, just relax a bit, thank them for allowing me to experience another transaction, a very relaxed transaction.



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