No rational person would put it on AliHow will shlf1314 Adsense price of 0 02 to 0 18

but the reality of the Internet’s lopsided development remains unchanged, with several portals, several giants, and several vertical sites, almost entirely destitute or on the edge of the law.

but it’s clear that most web owners don’t meet the most basic requirement,

last week, I was found a webmaster group chat, Q Youfa a web site, AdSense is to provide low-cost advertising list address: heimingdang/, I hasten to point to open to see, found that there are a lot of providing web site, but the site is cheap advertising. I have? Not sure, and then they talked about the webmaster contact, >

any rational advertiser wouldn’t put on Ali’s mother. The site owner only gave Ali mom, Taobao and YAHOO copies of the advertising. Anyway, sell, Ma did not suffer. They’re all advertising themselves.

until one day, I wandered on the Internet, just to a discussion forum to see Wangzhuan, specially optimized for AdSense advertising, various optimization techniques article that AdSense advertising, I spent a few minutes to carefully browse the article, find that in fact there are many owners to use Adsense advertising techniques, and of these skills there is no concept, so that the click rate and the price is very low.

I really want to, in Ali’s mother’s advertising, have arranged for the market evaluation of two days, I personally did a day, and found that there is no price to pay.

this time, everything will have a play.


maybe they’re just going to be an alliance of shlf1314, YAHOO, or sh419, and more practical,

I’m afraid this phenomenon will not change in the short term, because this situation does not change by the genius of Ma Yun and Ali mother market department flicker, but need to site owners really grow up, become a network of the middle class, has a certain target population and objective flow.

because it has been a website for many years, and there are many websites on hand. Although the traffic is not bad, the income has been unsatisfactory. Before selling links to earn a little money, although a month to earn a few hundred dollars, but it is so tired, all the information of the links in the A5 area, and then send the information, contact …… It’s really tiring.

so I went online and found a list of cheap advertising abroad, but it didn’t exist at home, which made me very frustrated.

Ali mother originally gave me some surprise, as can not afford to cast a big web site advertisers, Ali mother is a good choice. But when I studied the website above my mother, I found that most of them didn’t sell hard ads at all. Mantianyaojia, traffic is extremely low.

finally at a friend’s suggestion, I began to place the shlf1314 AdSense advertising, in the beginning of last year, that the flow line, every day to see their own login to AdSense how much income, but each is very disappointing, the average is about $3, most of the time is 5, 6 dollars a month, down 100. Not only the dollar and low income, the click rate is only 0.2, most unit price is 0.01 dollars, an average of less than 0.02, he felt very discouraged, because their expectations have a great gap. Gradually, it was stopped.

think of it, too. The website owner who originally relied on the alliance to make his income could be seen buying a display ad, which would naturally be welcomed by the web site owner. The problem is, they simply do not know how much advertising value of their website value, and do not have to analyze the basic analysis tools, a day so dozens of IP, 100 to a PV, with what, a week to close 50 dollars

so I keep thinking about the reasons for feeling so low price how? If the price increase, income may increase greatly, so I will search on the Internet to increase the price. Through unremitting efforts, I finally found a way, is through AdSense’s "competitive advertising filter" put some cheap advertising masked, but what advertising is cheap? Because I to judge low-cost advertising too difficult.

so I quickly adjusted the placement of AdSense ads, background colors, border colors, fonts, colors, and so on, so that AdSense ads do not look like advertising, so that it and content perfectly blend together. After this change, as expected, some effects have been achieved. The click rate has increased, and the income has increased slightly. But there’s still some distance away from what you ask for.

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