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in China’s Internet for more than ten years of history, there has been no one year like 2005: big events in the hurricane, the future of the group of characters in the silent roots.

is a multimedia in the review of the 2005 China Internet arena, not the "big event" fall, but who will remember, 2013 listed on the Lanting Pavilion set potential CEO Guo Quji is only shlf1314 China Allen Guo, has just returned to Chinese; Christmas December 2004, Yang Hao Chung alone from the United States to return to Beijing in March 2005. The fair online line; the same year left the nets of Yao Jinbo founded the 58 city; Li Xiang is still a green hand of the car home, looking for money; even the returnees from Zhuang Chenchao, are not sure that the online travel market will be seven or eight years after the outbreak. If the list of elongated, we will see Zhou Hongdiao at the start of the year two business, the Qihoo 360; Wang Xing and Li Xueling were done everyone and YY school; Wang Wei, Yao Xin and Zhou Juan do the same period of the potatoes, and 56 PPTV; Yang Bo founded watercress……

regardless of model, size or founder background, the two companies are very different, but one thing is exactly the same: they were born in 2005. That year, Sina Grand attack unfortunately many people did not guess, but guess the end, the blog became the first big Internet phenomenon micro-blog prehistory, Alibaba received Yahoo China bomb?, Taobao and eBay the largest counter attack began formal war, MSN, shlf1314 Chinese officially entered the market courage, online games company stocks become the most popular media and the capital market now the Internet nouveau riche suck; or in the year, the day after one of the three giant sh419 listed end? Wolf, etc..

7. is rich, and you need to recognize that.

in China’s Internet for more than ten years of history, there has been no one year like 2005: big events in the hurricane, the future of the group of characters in the silent roots. Look back on >


, let’s explain what consumption is. It’s about taking out the money in your pocket. Generally used to buy luxury goods to meet their desire. For example, if you want to buy a car, when you buy the car from the dealer, you can get out of the parking lot and the price has dropped by 25%. The money is used to satisfy the desire. Just a little more. Consumption means taking money out of your pocket. It’s only natural that you may buy luxury goods. It’s natural to spend money just to satisfy your own desires. More than 90% of people are under this kind of natural condition


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6. networks with difficulties, poor people,

that year was a large number of Silicon Valley VC China China fund set up into the year, Shen Napeng joined Sequoia Capital Chinese founded Sequoia Fund; You Ju led TDF to join KPCB, the establishment of KPCB Chinese fund; Deng Feng returned to join Silicon Valley veteran NEA fund founder Arctic light venture…… shlf1314 at the end of the grand opening ceremony held at the Beijing Hotel, is a good summary of the year, the brilliantly illuminated at night, so many people remember, seems to symbolize the beginning of a new feast.

58 city, where to go, this is from the beginning of the year is expected to be optimistic to the United States in 2013 of the listed companies, but also many years of collective abuse in the United States China Internet Corporation sprint IPO, there is a good discussion around. "".

my parents didn’t catch up with the Internet, but they were very interested in computers. Remember, I taught them card games for the first time. They watched me play, that is very interesting, we can scarcely wait hope learn how to play card games on the computer. I see parents playing solitaire boring, in order to make them more interesting to play the game, you want to teach parents to play online games, such as: Cross Fire, KartRider, I’ve tried to speak with, shook his head at, like listening to mumbo-jumbo. Next, I asked them what they wanted to play, and my father said he was going to play landlords, and I taught him how to play with landlords on the internet. I admit, I did not elaborate this time, but after two operations, my father learned to register the account. But when I taught him to sign up for online games, I watched more than ten times. You can’t learn what to do in second steps. Through this example, let me know, the world is not difficult to do, the key is you want to do? In China, almost only a handful of people climb to the top of the Mount Qomolangma, this is a very difficult thing for us? In fact, we climbed Mount Qomolangma it is not difficult to imagine, they must have a bunch of great confidence, and the dream of a man. They do it, and they can face it even if they have more problems. Otherwise, they can only see the difficulties. New small like to face the difficulties as a problem, in reality most people are accustomed to encounter problems to escape. Then inevitably they even fall by the wayside even if they want to be rich. Because their confidence is not strong enough, the attitude towards the problem is not enough. The human brain is a matter of thinking, and the realization of dreams is a matter of course. If we look at the problem from the point of view of the problem, then all problems will be solved. We are human beings, we have a brain that can think. And we will find that the more problems we solve, the more correct we will consider the direction of the problem. I want to be a rich person. Then I will think about what the rich need and would like to share it with you.

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