The maximum value of WangzhuanSome deceptive tricks on fund Wangzhuan

should be said that this is valuable, but you need to answer a question, how much do the same things as you have, they occupy the big proportion in the whole value chain, if you find a lot of people and you do the same thing, and you find that you do not have any even a little bit more value than they. Well, Congratulations, you’re still a newbie. The truth is usually hard to hear, but the fact is, who can change it,

then he found 100 agents, and promised to pull a downline to give them a 25% Commission on their downline income. The 10 station to the development of the assembly line, each line of each traffic to 0.3 cents, but the line station must complete 10 million traffic results in 10000 to find the site of the webmaster, finally reached 100 million traffic every day, we see 30000 yuan 10000 points every webmaster of money is 3 yuan per person per day. 100, agent webmaster points out 7500 yuan Commission, is 75 yuan per person per day, and the advertising people every day from 12500 yuan.

looks like pyramid schemes, and a lot of people understand that. But the ecological chain on business always like this, you will either change his position in the ecological chain, or you just have the ability to do large enough at the bottom, 10000 stations such as the bottom 1000 are you.

4, pay in time. For a small payment payment speed is very fast, some fund use automatic Wangzhuan payment tool, a member requests arrive immediately. But few friends make notes that they pay no more than a dollar, which is usually a few cents. They do so to make friends, believe they pay in time, and upgrade members. Penny fishing, countless fooled.

The example of

, the popular 2 Wangzhuan program. Now use the fund like Wangzhuan Wangzhuan program basically use make only superficial changes, we are familiar with the happiness around the Wangzhuan program, the page is done is pretty simple, very familiar with the Wangzhuan program has the bigger captivation of general make friends.


8, >

, if you can’t do two things, comrade, do you think it’s fun to stay in this golden tower?. And some people say, well, then I change the environment to see. I want to ask you, do you change the environment or is someone else introduced to you?

may be some friends will say, I everyday Wangzhuan spent a lot of time and energy. For example, I’m looking for advice everywhere, and I’m trying to find some ways of advertising.

, let me give you an example,

we do a network project, such as a person, he opened an advertising alliance, and then he told his clients advertising alliance with real traffic 10 million times a day the first I said is not real digital analogy, digital. His client is willing to pay him 50000 yuan per day. But he did not flow, he went to find some traffic owners to buy traffic, and began to develop agent system and the system of referrals.

recently had a lot of friends earn to reflect on their rich uncle Mao, fund Wangzhuan when, less loss of more than tens of dollars, cheated one thousand yuan. In fact, this form of a rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan in the blog and group to remind you to make friends pay attention to fund such Wangzhuan is a lie, we did not pay attention. Now, the fund Wangzhuan deceptive tricks to do a simple introduction, I hope to help you.

in Wangzhuan Oh, in fact you may not believe, but Wangzhuan or commercial real master master will understand that the greatest value is you. Or your ability and personality. I have said in the first question, Wangzhuan is a kind of business, it is consistent with the basic law of business. Business is the most important, the key is the same Wangzhuan person. If you don’t make money, you should really think about it. How much value do you have in this project?

7, the temptation to upgrade without spending money. Promote your offline reach Wangzhuan station requirements can upgrade members and daily bonuses, making some friends to earn in order to deceive the way of publicity. A fund Wangzhuan site traffic, in a day on the line above 5000IP, registered members once reached more than 2000 people, this is a terrible figure for Wangzhuan it. This is the result of false promotion by friends.

3, click the rationalization of points. Now the fund Wangzhuan score is not high, basically 1 to 1.8 hits, so as not to doubt the authenticity of his.

The maximum value of

5, website partner actual strength is abundant. No fund Wangzhuan advertising is out of order, some enterprise website advertise here, enterprise website is real, but they have no Wangzhuan and fund cooperation, estimates may enterprise website are not clear there will be so much traffic.

1, cheating under the banner of large websites. As the earliest sh419 foundation, shlf1314 foundation, all cry up wine and sell vinegar things, like sh419, shlf1314 just to do fund fund analysis, and there is no specific promotion to which shares of the fund. Wangzhuan fund fraud, cheat everyone’s trust.

6, buy fund daily dividend. This is actually a disguised form of cheating for members of the upgrade fees. If the upgrade members can bring you a lot of automatic assembly line, improve the click score, reduce the amount of money it is more confusing to buy Wangzhuan fund, where the owners take so much money to give you bonus. When you pay cash to buy fund to upgrade a member, you at this station Wangzhuan is over, no money, no account, all zero.

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