Expert selected sland registered company platform you and Wang Jianlin only 4 8 yuan

Asia’s richest man Wang Jianlin recently in an interview, because the first set a small target can be achieved, for example, I earn one hundred million it detonated a circle of friends. We have praise, if one hundred million is a small goal, your life is just like a little dust filled. A person wants to earn one hundred million in three years five years is basically impossible, but if it is the courage to start, it is not known. But now the business is far from it as easy, resources, conditions, opportunities, and so on, the team is essential, even if opportune, may also be because of some other frustrated. You need to have a power, such as the Shanghai Island expert company registration service platform (

O2O one-stop registration


island O2O one-stop business service platform, the company registered for the entrance for entrepreneurship and small and micro enterprises to provide tax from bookkeeping, trademark and patent, enterprise changes to the social security fund, labor contract, documents of the "one-stop" service enterprises, its advocacy of integration and sharing mode of lawyers, free agency accounting, business agents and other service providers.

O2O venture service platform, its commercial realization path is very clear. Both in the platform to achieve the value of the brand in the course of the transaction, but also through the benefits and benefits for entrepreneurs to achieve value-added services. Company registration is only a starting point for small and micro enterprises to participate in the basic services market, the future in the financial, human resources management and other basic services will have a greater imagination.

The core idea of

expert island O2O business platform is the self mode on the supply side of the service definition and pricing standards for financial planner, registered trademark, accounting division, lawyers and other professional team personnel occupation skills, through the enterprise mobile platform and excellent team of small and micro enterprises connected, so that information fully transparent. Let entrepreneurs can process real-time monitoring, so as to realize the optimal efficient and reliable. Not only help entrepreneurs to solve the pro and the time cost of waste, but also to help entrepreneurs solve the problem of finding the traditional intermediary information asymmetry and poor service experience points.

unprecedented 4.8 yuan company registered benefits

Shanghai expert

Island ( was born, a nationwide O2O one-stop business service platform, with the largest in the history of the most amazing business benefits, like the spring breeze, blowing through every arduous struggle the entrepreneurial dream. The company registered 4.8 yuan, no hidden fees, any bundled consumption, to ensure that every entrepreneur hand is a copy of business license (three in one), the official seal, financial and legal chapter as well as the company’s registered address, even engraved chapter is included in the 4.8 yuan fee. Touched the life of the yuan, today only feel only 4.8 yuan, but has such a powerful force. It is the realization of the dream, is the hope, is a greater wealth, it may be the next Wang Jianlin". >

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