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last week, and two people in the Internet industry for many years to start an old friend of communication, the whole process is very interesting. The starting point and direction of the two people are similar, but because of the way they choose or the pattern is very different, the current status of the two people looks very different.

Internet industry, a lot of big circle, such as millet Lei Jun and Jingdong’s Liu Qiangdong. Lei.

"ready access to search engine optimization only preparatory work, eventually we will optimize site search engine, a very important part of this website is registered in. Submit a web site or submit a web page to your web site instead of your website – it used to be, and now it’s quite different. Now almost all search engines are explicitly prompted on the site login page, just submit the home domain name, such as: dabian8 do not have to submit the home page URL, such as: dabian8/index.html

B friend is draw a small circle routine, do though is the mobile Internet industry, do some application of APP for 3 years into the 1 round took 6 million yuan, the team of more than 70 people often have some fun become fashionable for a time APP application, the user a total of more than tens of millions of annual income of tens of millions of people, small day good and he is currently a traditional Internet giant about buying it, I asked him to sell the company after what he said to take the money to buy a car after villa immigrants to improve the quality of life, and then continue to choose entrepreneurship, do not rule out the next big companies also sell.

draw a large circle, the pen tone, is a big dream pattern generous, who can be a major cause of achievement, think enough exciting, but the problem is his arm in the process if not long enough easily not round and finally at the interface to a close, breath. The collapse; draw a small circle, the pen will soon draw out, the problem is also drew a lot of small circle is a small circle, seems to be not enough can’t cause, if put a lot of small to become a serial ring may be better.

the two friends, one is the mind dream ten years grinding sword take life to do great things, and draw a large circle circle is still on the way is not closed; the other is a fast fast fast restart Lazi layout, draw a lot of little pleasant. It is difficult for me to tell the two of them who is better now, who’s the future pattern and harvest more, because the draw circle or draw a small circle, than the classic "survival or death, this is a problem, but also troubled us.

editor’s note the author of the new media [email protected] Ji exhibition.

A is the number of designated circle friends, do is platform level application for 3 years into the 2 round took 10 million dollars, a team of 300 people over the core product is still in development. He is now a large part of the energy to be used in a meeting with the VC financing, according to his words now and he wants to be done there are one hundred and eight thousand, to have made refinancing tens of millions of dollars, and talk to him you will be his dream of the infection was moved by his logic, but it is really a reflection that is too large which links not it is the logical chain collapsed, although he is full of passion and fighting spirit, but he seems to have there are uncertain tired.


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