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first started, because I have no technical circle of contacts and resources, so the first technology partner is hard to find. We are the first to do ROM do I look for the hardware, software of the boss, especially hard, go out and see a circle, a lot of people, after reading the feel do not fly.

shlf1314 said in a warning letter that the advertiser’s account will be banned in June 1st giving advertisers enough time to adjust their website models.

I got confused, but the end will probably want to go back to understand: the people who supported me in the past two years with me a lot of frustration. With their colleagues around the circle of friends, said Luo said hammer mobile phone when the cow, who said that a big flicker, comedian. By the time I come out, they must be carrying the kind of so-called retaliatory support, the sort of "let you scold" mood, so it’s completely out of the ordinary. My wife was sitting by those people. She found a lot of people crying when they sat down. She said, "that’s not surprising," she said.

I find the hardest part is that I can’t make an engineer. These people follow me. They’re arts and science students. I think I have a clear logic, but I am partial to Literature and art. I am a young man of literature and art. There is no intersection between these scientists and men of science and technology and life.

on the evening of May 20th, hammer technology founded by Luo Yonghao held a new conference in Beijing National Conference Center, officially launched the previously concerned hammer phone – Smartisan T1. Luo Yonghao has become the focus of the domestic technology circle since it announced that it will make mobile phones, and this conference has received great attention from the scientific and technological circles. After the conference, entrepreneur & I dark horse contacted Luo Yonghao for the first time and interviewed him. The following is a dictation by Mr. Luo Yonghao when he was interviewed by entrepreneur & and I dark horse:



you tell him a blood boil story, he is not excited, but also think you are strange. You give him your design draft product design, I have prepared a lot of the time do not come out, many of my friends were all very excited, said, in this way can make out too damn good — but you told him he had no sense, he did not feel the same? And then you see him with a terrible Android, such as lenovo. He doesn’t feel good about apples, either

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I also said on the stage, I debut in 2002 to today, what is a good comment on the wave, on the phone, the past two years are all cursed. So they must be simmering effort to support me.

these "pure" advertising website, by buying cheaper keywords in the Adword, and on the page display more expensive keyword advertising to earn the difference, this advertising station once very popular in foreign countries, but for shlf1314 Adsense is not only in the "internal price" loss.

I’ve been down in the past two years, and most things are expected. I said a few things I felt so difficult.

conference site, when I came out, they stood up. I was shocked because Jobs was treated only when he suffered from pancreatic cancer, and everyone thought he could not play and then came back again.

shlf1314 has begun sending Email to "pure advertising" web sites and ordering them to stop using existing advertising models.

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