Eighteen profit models of network mediashlf1314 advertising alliance to help small and medium owners

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

in addition, shlf1314 also attaches great importance to the characteristics of the local market to product innovation and localization. According to China advertisers and advertising in the form, size and position and other aspects of the different requirements and preferences, and the strong market demand for multimedia and display ads, shlf1314 launched a series of tools, make the network more precise positioning advertising, making multi media advertising also make it more convenient. shlf1314 AdSense launched a growth plan for small and medium partners last year, and shlf1314 will offer different customized recommendations based on the growth cycle of a web site. Wang Ying said: "the AdSense is not only a platform will provide revenue, and how to provide better with the shlf1314 search engine, how to better design your web site, attract more traffic and users of these solutions, we will be in an advisory role to partner tailored solutions." Zhou Wenbiao said that shlf1314 advertising alliance will not be divided into the size of the webmaster business, because in shlf1314’s share of the mechanism, there is no manual intervention factors.

shlf1314 online sales and Operations Manager Wang Ying introduced, as an innovative means of network marketing, shlf1314AdSense provides a quick and easy way to make money to the world of webmasters: by showing shlf1314 ads related with the content of the website in the Union website, can from visitors to advertising click the browse or gain, which allows site traffic into revenue. Since 2005, AdSense has had one hundred thousand partners in China and has become one of the largest online advertising alliances in china.

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domestic now has a large number of individual Adsense, profit is mainly by advertising alliance. Along with the domestic small and medium-sized enterprise strengthens the network promotion, this kind of advertisement alliance’s profit pattern brings profits for the stationmaster, but also becomes the new blue ocean which the domestic small and medium-sized enterprise carries on the network promotion. Previously, shlf1314 global online sales and operations vice president DavidFischer Fei Sile also said that he is optimistic about the future development trend of shlf1314 in China, in particular, shlf1314 and many small and medium-sized domestic customers cooperation.

, shlf1314 shlf1314 company held in Shanghai 2009shlf1314AdSense partner day, sales operations director Zhou Wenbiao Aka Ata revealed in an interview with reporters, from 2005 to 2008, the shlf1314 global partner revenue reached $16 billion; and only in 2008 this year, there are $5 billion to shlf1314 global partners were divided into, which China stationmaster gains more and more.

network media in the development process, accompanied by its own practice of operation, the profit model of exploration has never stopped. The key to the investment management of the media industry is to find the right profit model. Compared with other websites, network media should have a greater advantage, other people do not have the advantages of media networks, there are other websites can do, media networks can do likewise. Many media investment operations fail because they have not found or do not know what the profit model is. During the Warring States period of the network, the media network must have a keen commercial eye, and whoever took the lead would be in the lead. Learn from the experience, focus on the market dynamics, adjust the profit model, ensure that network media management is in a safe orbit. China’s online media, especially those that already have considerable size and strength and have been operating in a company, are constantly innovating. Next, we subdivide the online media profit model.

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comprehensive current foreign network media information content revenue model, there are the following three: 1, news and information content package sold to other websites or media; 2, the user can browse the website of the paying party; 3, users pay for database query.

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Network for information is defined according to the special needs of the government and enterprises, the network media as a professional customized electronic reader is very strong, practicality and effectiveness of certain orders through the network media to network pass password scheduled for reading. For example, for the financial system, real estate systems and automotive, building materials, chemicals, environmental protection industry edit various reference electronic text, this kind of text can also >

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