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so, why is it so difficult to make such a "free" approach in the current Internet situation, or is it difficult to do so? Song Congming thought that the Internet environment in China is now maturing. Whether the Internet or mobile Internet, these areas have industry giants exist, and if you try to struggle with it, then there is likely to be a dead end.

funds, for an Internet enterprise, it is lifeline. Including the current Jingdong, Suning, Dangdang and so on, these large Internet companies are still relying on continuous financing to support the development of enterprises. If you are a start-up Internet business, then the money is more important for you, because this is the only support you go on the protection.

it’s more used in China, and I’ve been testing it before. It’s not bad. User experience is good, the background is concise. Itbulu’s blog in adf.ly’s short URL is: adf.ly/e4QR, is it very simple, you can click on it?. For how much money, we can see the official is so written:


in the end can not defeat the giant us aside, but you don’t want to be these giants defeat even want to be a Internet business on the road of "Cheng Yaojin", then you must have Cheng Yaojin’s three axes". This "three board ax" is the third board? Song Congming believes that the first capital, two is the core competitiveness, and three is super value services.

Adjix can only accept checks, it’s a bit of a hassle. Each ad shows $0.35 for 1000 times, and $0.75 for each ad. In other words, the advertiser’s ad CPM=$0.35, and CPC=$0.75. The price is very jealous.

ItBuLu yesterday shared 9 web sites for overseas web site shortening in its blog "sharing 9 foreign short service sites". Short websites can simplify our complicated and complicated address, not only can hide our promotion website’s real address, but also can make us visit the user experience to be better, of course still can make use of short website to make money. Let me first recommend 3 sites that can make money using short websites.


, especially today’s Internet business environment is complex, product homogenization is extremely serious. In this context, the Internet companies are caught in a strange circle of competition. Although everyone knows, even if you’re cheap or even free of charge, you don’t have to

third, adf.ly



Ma Yun’s words may have given a signal to the latecomers – the choice of "free" is like choosing a dead end. But in Song Congming’s view, "free" is actually a false proposition. Why do you say so? In fact, the reason is simple, the ultimate goal is to start the business for profit. Of course, you can also say that for the sake of ideals and beliefs, but if your business is not profitable, then rely on to support your ideals and beliefs,

second, Adjix

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now, the domestic Internet environment is becoming more and more mature, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. However, in today’s Internet environment, the choice of entrepreneurship is not a "free" service. It is a controversial topic. After all, unlike the original situation of today’s Internet, Ma also said that ten years ago, the Internet provides free services for more customers, but ten years later, choose to provide free service, it is likely to be a dead end.

we can then recall the words of Ma, ten years ago, the Internet business reason to take free measures is nothing more than in order to get more users to participate in, or can be called a rodeo. Then rely on the huge user base to consider the effective profit model.


this short URL supports PayPal collection, and you can also use Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing to promote referrals. I also tested it: shrtn.co/referrer/itbulu, you can click in and get rich together.

of course, we can’t say absolutely enough. After all, no one can guarantee that in the future the way out to the middle of. Just like sh419 was already a giant in the domestic search market, with more than 70% of the market share. But then suddenly out of 360 students take a piece of meat.

, first, shrtn.co

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