Do station voice website beauty degree can also leave the user’s Secret

website beauty, I believe that many novice Adsense very attention to the problem. The beauty of the site directly determines how the first impression will be made to the user and will determine whether the user is willing to stay on your site and even become your client. The first impression of a website is like the first impression you make in daily communication. It makes it important for the other person to evaluate you and influence the relationship between the two of you. Hard effort will attract users to your site, but your website or the garish flashy without substance, visitors can also be lost. Well, how to design your website will not leave a bad impression? I will provide you with a few points for your novice webmaster for your own experience.

first, identify the groups your web site faces, and choose the sites that fit their preferences.

first, the real from the user’s point of view to do user experience, website design is mainly the pursuit of beautiful appearance, can be the best site design atmosphere, let people have very strong, can rely on, the first impression of trust. According to the positioning of your site, clear the site is specific to what kind of people, and then analyze their preferences and aesthetic taste, and then according to these to do for their appetite for website, so you can attract them when you visit a website without a glance turned away. This is the most basic and the most critical step for the website to succeed.

second, website design of common and practical, not too garish.

website to garish, flashy without substance feeling, and easily confused, did not continue to watch this website is not really love someone. And those seemingly ordinary little features, but people to the structure of the site at a glance, very practical web site, but more popular. How do you do that? Xiao Bian teaches you a little trick: imagine yourself as your user and imagine what kind of Web site you would like to be a user. The simpler the website design, the more clean and tidy it looks and the more practical it is. You don’t have to look for what you want in colorful plates.

third, don’t pursue the special effects of the website too much.

Too much

stunts may have negative effects on your site. Too many dynamic effects can distract users from reading what you want to say. And if you use too much color, it also makes people feel dizzy, looks very uncomfortable, feeling very tired. Personal feeling is the classic white low black word, or white low blue word is very good, let a person see very comfortable, and appear website is very concise.

fourth, according to a certain logical structure to distribute the content of the website.

, this is the most important point, according to the content of the site, divided into good categories, and then put the article in the corresponding plate, so that the whole site looks

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