Baidu want to include the best method

Baidu, now more and more cattle, more cattle, more people to curry favor with him, harassment of more people, we rely on Baidu to eat, plainly, at least I am.

Once the

from Baidu to flow, went to GG to get the money, the feeling, you don’t know how cool! But now everything has changed, many of us are Baidu and GG also abandoned, and Baidu to the railway station, the Yaoqi becomes demon in… You can’t figure it out,


from my recent several sites, was Baidu K and collect, and received the K, I found a let Baidu good included method:

1, adhere to your theme, as a station, for example, you do notebook BBS, you don’t say what car, job search and so on, must be special… And included stability, you go to optimize other, I think a new station, you change honestly do three months!


2, it is the original, this is everybody mentioned, you can not start the original writing, to copy ah, when you read, don’t copy the homework? Anyway, I have copied, now also copied… Oh, you want to copy, change, change a little careful, but you also perfunctory perfunctory, search engine.

3, on page cleanliness, this seems very important, I have two station, almost all of the same set of columns, but a simple, a relatively complex, the station was very simple by Baidu’s love.

4, links do not do more, to do, do a little bit of old Baidu was included in the station, and often updated that kind.

5, insist on updating every day, you update an article also line ah, in the development of new sites in the process, you can easily disappear from Baidu for some time, I wonder if it is legendary sand box… I don’t know. Anyway, a few of my stations were torn down by Baidu in the early days. You insist on updating, forget about Baidu, remember your central idea, and be the center of the station.

have time to visit my website, I hope it can help you. It’s easy.

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