Summer 11 principles summarize the successful operation of personal website

success is different, each has its own achievements. Once a popular advertising language, a successful life. The site is the same, some websites rely on news information successfully, some websites by providing trading platform successfully, some websites selling products, is many, but a website operation success as being successful, many principles and the truth is the same. For most sites, the following 11 principles are change from the guidelines of the case, worthy of reference.

1. improves team combat

the power of the individual is limited, and the strength of the team will be boundless. We mentioned the website from planning to mature and stable operation line need to experience the site planning, technology development, testing, marketing, service marketing, customer service and other links, each link to do, all the needs of professionals. With the development of the Alibaba today, its collection and training of thousands of talents, the initial period of the "Eighteen Rohan" is also an important factor in today’s success. The success of the website requires a fighting team, which takes the direction, details, and achievements in the fierce market.

2. user centric

An executive at

Google once said, "we like the websites we like."". The user is the center of a website, without the user, the value that the website exists basically is equal to 0. The analysis of behavior characteristics of the target user group is the foundation of our user centered, we need to design the corresponding operation according to the computer operation level and the habit of user groups, to add users love content according to the user’s preferences, according to the needs of users to marketing related products.

3. site positioning must be clear,

Who does the

web site serve? And what needs does he / he have? This is a problem that we must be very clear about planning a website. If we do not know for whom the website provides services in a series of problems on the back can not start, do not know the target audience, and media on the target group of the distribution, not to mention to his / her tailored products demand. Like the boundless sea, it looks great, but it has no end. Promotion will appear constantly revised and boundless behind will only bring you pain.

4. profit model is more important than positioning

determines the positioning of the site, Web Services Group will demand diversity, which demand is soft demand? What demand is a hard demand? We according to the needs of users can provide what kind of products and services? This determines the site profit model, some websites are destined to profits, such as blog sites, once several blogs become fashionable for a time have now died down, because the blog this demand for Internet users, is soft demand, can we write this, also can be in his writing, can be written on the net, also can be in the diary; some websites have a flow of income, such as online shopping websites. Some netizens need to sell the product. "

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