Suning’s concept the electricity supplier will really give themselves a bright future

said the China electric business foreign friends love with "weathy" and "courage" and "advanced" to describe, although from the traditional channels, but the development of network platform of is quite resolute, full support not only Zhang Jindong, more numerous sub brand out of the way, we work together to build a an online shopping platform, energy and financial resources are under a lot of effort. In addition to these work outside, also launched a cloud provider, online and offline prices, bank credit and so on many non traditional projects, given the electricity business and other ordinary consumers find everything fresh and new feeling.

just a few days ago, also held a business conference in Zhejiang, officially launched the first shot of the open platform strategy. As for other platforms impact, is taken in the early pattern of subversion of "new landlord rent" mode, the "three free" investment preferential policy is also to some hope to find everything fresh and new, move the mind by the enterprises to carry out cyber source. Three of them free for a permanent exemption waive the annual fee, the technical service fee and department, daily, books and other key investment category Commission, to provide free category planning, shop decoration, easy to pay the third party payment, online payment, fast payment and other payment tools for businesses, greatly reduces the cost of operation business.

so far, cloud providers, online and offline prices, open platform, wings and many other bright words into Suning, so that the industry is more shocking Suning’s boldness and courage.

The concept of the electricity supplier Suning

.If the

only when it comes to this, you might say to this speed, so we can go beyond the Jingdong and Tmall is sooner or later, in fact, this is not the truth, although’s action is large, but can really shake Tmall and Jingdong network platform initiatives are more concentrated in the open platform, cloud providers the concept is the idea of entertainment system, not only in the network platform, which is actually Suning as their development direction and future development for the specified set the tone, that is the line is still not discarded field. While online and offline price is actually a better use of the existing shops resources, starting to snatch user resources from a user experience perspective, the concept is more of a means rather than kill. So, in the idea of the coupon war, the open platform is regarded as the formal attack of suning.

In fact, the electricity supplier

concept, many friends will also resented a friend like yesterday and the tiger sniffing the network, he proposed the concept of play too much, but to give the market a feeling if it is flashy without substance, put forward some strategies to confuse the competitors, but Su Ning long cannot give his tone that is a tangled and hesitant state. how to break through, grow and develop, thus forming online and offline complementary advantages is the key.

and the existing situation is not two years ago loose, Su ningyun shares have been to the bank to make a pledge, flow >

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