Entrepreneurs say nternet takeaway takeaway really make money


from the end of 2014, a U.S. release false information led by the Sequoia investment and financing of $700 million, by January 27, 2015 the hungry officially announced $350 million financing, these people seem to have been really huge financing paralysis, create "Wow, so the original takeaway money" feeling. Do you really make money? How do you make a profit? What are the profit directions?

in 2013, 12 of the idea to do the Internet takeaway, the intention is to take the local public universities in Nanjing to take away the public WeChat. Shenzhen, a manufacturer to provide technical support for us, so our focus is not on the development of the system interface, but in the local push and operation. In March 2014 we started the first pilot campus in Nanjing a college of engineering, Nanjing was no other strength of the campus takeaway, do the college did break even (we’ll talk about the profit point behind), think so since April have a brilliant future, but to business expansion, negotiation (canteen, off campus restaurants). Each student, campus CEO is actually very careful choice.

April 2014, May and June have opened more than 10 campus market, but in the three college and Career Technical College, the school of the two occasionally, at least a college. This layout is the way we thought for a long time, considering the school cafeteria a low price (the state subsidies for the canteen), the same amount of work under the condition of takeout low profits, instead, the three school canteens and restaurants are expensive, students are more lazy, more willing to spend, the conditions are better than this a college. By June, every day there are more than 1W.

around July 2014 began to participate in large and small roadshow in Nanjing, hoping to get the first financing in September before the start of the school, in order to better work in the second half. However, we were far less than the size of the expectations of investors, we say that the second half of the bar.

in 2014 7, August, the students summer vacation, just as we can adjust and expansion of the year. We summed up the first half of the work, and developed a series of contracts, the system to determine the platform in the second half to provide what services, and further adjust the profit direction and expectations. This time, we do the most important thing is to find the 20 enthusiastic campus CEO, want to open a school breath about 30 schools, so they do a series of training.

2014 September, school students, we began operating according to a predetermined as the continuous opening of schools, the results showed that CEO had to do was in a complete mess, crazy busy, pressure to burst. At the same time, takeaway Superman, U.S., hungry began stationed in Nanjing campus in University City, the most popular means of publicity, this week you send cola, next week I send JDB, this week you every single 8 yuan, 8 yuan next week I filling…… Power superior

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