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collar network ( Internet e-commerce is an open network environment, realize consumers online shopping, online business transactions and online electronic payment of a new business mode. E-commerce has changed the traditional face-to-face business method, it through the network so that enterprises face the whole world, the scale of e-commerce is fast increasing, it brings tremendous and far-reaching business opportunities. However, e-commerce is a complex system engineering, and its security is the most critical issue that restricts the development of e-commerce. Therefore, how to ensure the safety of electronic commerce and electronic commerce transaction process safety for customers engaged in business activities on the Internet to provide assurance, is key to the electronic commerce system’s success or failure, can be seen from the following several aspects:


1, to ensure transaction information security

transaction information includes the merchant’s product information and order confirmation information, customer order information. Transaction information is confidential and can not be tampered with. Transaction information security is mainly to prevent transaction information from being intercepted or intercepted, to be deciphered, and to prevent data from malicious tampering and destruction.

2, pay security


payment process must ensure the safety of this information. At the same time, for businesses, there may be false orders, counterfeiters on behalf of the customer ordering goods, and require customers to pay; for customers, there may be a fraudulent website, steal sensitive customer information, resulting in the stealing of money. How to ensure the information security of customers and the authenticity of the identity of buyers and sellers is the main consideration of payment security.

3, integrity, security,

when the transaction information and payment information of electronic commerce have the security guarantee, also cannot let the seller and buyer feel relieved to engage in the on-line transaction. We know that the forms of online payment of electronic commerce are electronic cash, electronic check, credit card payment, etc.. However, the use of these methods, customers are required to pay first, the merchant then shipped. In this way, after the payment of the customer will worry about the goods or received poor goods. However, if the goods are shipped first and then paid, then the merchant will be worried about whether the customer will pay. Therefore, the integrity of security is also affecting the rapid development of e-commerce payment business.

4, strengthen security concept,

online transactions can not have the slightest careless attitude to safety, because the firewall or special encryption software installed in the computer, so that the hacker attack is not in, this concept is not desirable. Because there is not a software or security system claims to be able to reach 100% safe and reliable, so we can not blindly believe that the trading system must be a good candidate for several safety protection work is wise.

5, the transaction should be found in the process of computer abnormalities,

transactions should be promptly interrupted>

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