How to collect effective bidding information in low cost industry network

‘s own B2B website, bidding information has been very little, the boss anxious, ordered to make this piece. As a green hand, a time of confusion; after two months of trying, finally can have a little achievement; now will share experience, please.

several large domestic bidding website, not registered can not see; after you have registered, you will find that still can not see (can only see the expiration of, or no contact). It’s only on the search that’s on the engine. In Baidu search "XXX bidding" and so on, can find a lot of relevance is very good, but it is expired information; enough to make you sigh, and how to miss a chance. In the Google search, we can find a lot of recent news, if you want to narrow the scope of the exact date on the keyword search, add; such as today’s date is 2009-02-05, you can also search for a few days near the. For example: 2009-02-05, 2009-02-06…… Why is this, mainly included two different strategies of search engine; matching Baidu in pursuit of a better, and Google on the latest release of the articles included express, some good articles, released less than five hours will be included. Therefore, the search for tender information, using Google will be less than Baidu. Of course, there are some small and medium-sized stations, and their bidding information is generally free of charge. You do that industry, search the industry related, will be harvested. For example, I do irrigation, then, such as water conservancy projects, agriculture, water, information port, these sites have useful information.

More than

, is considered the two method. The third is what? Third is a deeper view of your competitors or partners of the information source is from where! Generally to spend two or three days of effort, however, is to spend a week is worth it, because then you don’t have to heteronomy. Take all the relevant bidding information (15~30 is appropriate), such as "XXX efficient water-saving irrigation project bidding" in the Google search once, see what he appeared at the bidding website, or industry forum; see what is unable to view, which is part of the information can be seen; if one station there are five or more times, but also can view the free, income favorites well, when you often see is.

if a station appears ten to fifteen times, even if it is unable to view the content, it should also be collected. Because, so tender information reproduced generally does not modify the title and content, and can also be said that the bidding information title is unique, since there is only one title, but also anxious to find the original? Search again is


so he’s also a very good source of information. Because, he told you what’s tender, O (a _ U) O ha ~ even with only the title, may not be able to find the source of each subject released; but something in the plus one, absolutely can find out the source of information. That’s the tender number, which is all

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