QQ space business operators responsible how to make users more willing to pay


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Pan Zhipeng, QQ commercial space operations center senior product operations manager, Tencent, Tencent, senior tutor; 10 years of planning & construction of the family photo album three months of gains, tens of millions of users of HUAWEI glory first appointment million sold out, millions of fans certified space.

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, this is a photo of several horizon horizons released by Japanese photographers, blue sky and snow, one prairie, third sea level designs, and the fourth is a photograph of the beginning of the sunrise. What kind of feelings do these 4 pictures give you? Do you feel a sense of freedom and freedom?


actually, I’m a fan of Muji, and there’s a piece of online print about Muji: Muji is a big achievement for cool users. But as consumers of Muji, Muji, despite its simplicity and coolness in photography and design, is cool about its users.

for example, this is a lamp I saw in the Muji store, at the beginning I think this design is generally, at night under the lights look like warm up a little bit, but I still don’t think it is very good.


until one time, I went to Shanghai and arrived at Muji’s flagship store in China. In the store, there was a propaganda film about the source of the lamp design, and I noticed several features.

first: this lamp has a base. This allows you to read at night, do not want to get up, turn on the lights, or go to a distant place, you can lift it directly, as if carrying a lantern.

second: handle design. This allows you to hang it up when you need it and free your hands. This seemingly ordinary lamp, in the design, in fact, consider a lot of users use the scene of the appeal point.

, let’s look at one more case:

Benz which has some unique unknown function configuration: it is affixed to the support automatic brakes, you hit the brakes by combining this point by clicking on these buttons to replace you manually, which can prevent the vehicle and can easily take the car.


these points are very emotional in the design of industrialization. Everyone will therefore have a sense of identity to the brand.

, let’s take a look at this AT- countdown application. You can see a villain here. If you set the time for an hour, the villain will begin to move around. Let you feel the time passing by

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