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let’s talk first, Baidu knows, Baidu knows the world’s largest Chinese interactive platform, every day there are tens of thousands of question and answer records generated, active users are numerous, traffic is very large. A few years ago, Baidu knew that it could send links to websites and knew hundreds of traffic every day from Baidu.

now, Baidu knows it won’t be allowed to publish content that has links to the site. It will automatically be deleted as long as it is published with links. Baidu know to censor content more and more high, not only is not allowed to speak with links to web content, also is not allowed to speak with the nature of the advertising content; Baidu know to a good user experience, to improve the content requirements, prohibit publishing websites and advertising content, so many webmaster friends made less: high quality chain platform.

today, the Chinese province to recommend a website can link Q & a platform – known; know well-known Baidu know although not famous, but also a great reputation in the industry.

knows, is a famous quiz platform, active elite of all walks of life, such as: Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Li Kaifu.. these Internet heavyweights have been on the know, leaving the classic content.

knows the question and answer platform can send Web links, published links can automatically generate hypertext links. As long as you issue a topic of inquiry, attracted friends hot discussion, you can draw considerable traffic for your site.

China province blog in promotion, in know almost leave a few web links, among them, a lead to know almost net friend hot, half day for China province blog attracted 120 IP.

there are pictures, there is truth, we see the following two pictures can be seen at a glance.

first picture: from the domain name antecedents can see, know almost ranked first, attracted 121 IP, accounting for all contribution rate of 60.39%.

second pictures: I send a web link on the question and answer platform. The blue article pointing to the arrow is a hypertext link that is automatically generated by the site link. Also called anchor text. The discharge is entirely up to it.



wrote in the end, and the webmaster used to know that he could draw a lot of IP for his website every day. But to pay attention to the point, to arouse the interest of users on your topic, only users concerned about your topic, will lead to traffic.

in know almost hair even if the chain did not lead to flow, but produced a high quality of the chain, in the search engine invisible ascension website keywords ranking, the chain has auxiliary promotion ranking role.

this article was written in Shanghai province by China in September 10th. The first blog in China is www.huashengsheng.com. Please note the copyright information.

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