High school student webmaster confusion how should choose

how should I talk about it? I’m an ordinary high school student in a small city. I still have to take the entrance exam in 2 months. I don’t know how to choose my life in the face of the coming life of the college entrance examination.

I come into contact with the

website is started from the high school, home to buy computer early, primary school 4 grade when there is a computer, that is just addicted to the game world, until high school, feeling bored with, there is no point in what I play it. Use the computer, so I started doing stand, slowly learning FTP, slowly study HTML language, perhaps because of the more and more interested in the reason, I slowly began to decline in performance, but I don’t care, I think IT is very suitable for me, I don’t want to give him up. So, I began to spend money to buy the domain name space, and formally set up a small site, I am very happy, this is my self effort, as time went on, I also learned a lot, including the CMS, the use of blog procedures, and try to use these procedures for the local small business website, here, there is one I want to mention, I had 18 birthday with money is my own website for others to earn, was really very happy.


is very smooth, but with the advent of the third year, also brought me a lot of trouble, I must pay attention to every website trends, hand tight learning, life is really making me crazy, but I still enjoyed it, but soon the college entrance examination, in the choice of the school I was anxious, I should choose the computer professional? My score is not very high, this year our province examinee also exceeded about 1000000, my original is not on the undergraduate, but the father tried to fight for me one of the three places, now it is time for me to choose the school, my childhood ideal is a computer science major, but… This year… Every day with the code’s day so I learned as a IT is not easy, I am now very worried, I should not end The choice of computer science? Where should I go in the future?

comments: first of all thank you for your contribution in Admin5 station network, as a student webmaster, especially high school students, academic pressure is very great, but the website attracted and have to let you in a dilemma, suggest that you temporarily abandon the net station in the last few months about the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination to sprint, wait until finished the undivided attention do stand, wish you a smooth entrance! Come on,


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