What do the stationmaster take to stay back

Preface: "repeat guest" this time has been in the webmaster’s mind, it is precisely the word has also been ignored by the webmaster. Therefore, in our mind, we need to return customers as part of the site to build, and only the site to do so will make the site more meaningful. Then we use what methods and means to retain users into loyal customers? The waves no trace explain four opinion, may be helpful to your web site.

1, improve the overall quality of the webmaster. Perhaps everyone will think that the first is not reliable, precisely because of the station as a person, as a webmaster also need to constantly study and improve their overall quality. The knowledge and interest group to expand again, contact the website member, friends or real friends, learn to listen, learn how to learn about the other, in front of the leading heart, the biggest enemy is always their own webmaster, improve their comprehensive qualities, ideas and inspiration into the site to improve step by step.

two provides valuable web content services. There is a saying: "is on site to content is king, we must first have a clear position on the website and in the website operation after years can adhere to, and never give up! I used to operate the site has a habit, no matter in what place, no matter how difficult the situation is, you must log in the background maintenance of website content in order to protect the site has fresh blood supply every day.

three, don’t ignore your web site’s next feature. When the visitors successfully from the search engines into your site, you how to retain when they find their own content? Here for two: 1, make full use of the program "a" "next" function, the content of the website must fully comply with the site location, if the nature of the content before and after "yes, that is absolutely not reliable. 2, to attract visitors attention of users in the core area of important information "in order to attract eyeballs, when the webmaster in site operators tend to ignore the small details, in fact, we should pay more attention to small details, in order to increase the website of friends in mind score.

four, advertising issues. This is also a very headache problem, at present, according to my experience, regardless of garbage station or formal website, there will be a very serious advertising phenomenon. Point in, IE died half a day, can not even look at the web page, and come out, right suspension, what is more, pop-up two, three, and finally a rebound. Encounter this kind of website, you say net friend still can visit second times?


is no more than four points to wave marks on the site in the ordinary operation experience and their own experience, that a careless use of the "brick house" Sogou into "the expert" by A5 master batch of a meal, want a sense of humor the results of their own to you, sorry.

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