Sheng Yu personal understanding of the background of the website

awareness of the background of the site, I personally think that is not very fine kind, but there is also a little sense of perception,


for the website why do promotion; how to promote; promotion program; promotion process, looking for what kind of key word well; and the long tail keywords how to select, how to optimize the content of the website and so on…… There are many aspects of the content, in short, it can not be separated from the data analysis of the site background, just like you want to drink cola, but the lid did not open, how to the belly?


a website can bring how much traffic, it is necessary to open the door to the background data, analyze which promotion power is better. Some websites are such a construct:

1. online

2. period analysis

3. search engine

4. antecedents

5. interview analysis

let’s start with 1. online analysis:

it is mainly divided into current online, nearest antecedents and stay pages. Which can be from the three aspects of a detailed analysis of the current situation, such as: in the current online interview time visitors IP page browsing antecedents which pages users are interested in what? Stay in which pages long, we can easily get online a current situation analysis.

2. period analysis:

it can be divided into today’s statistics, yesterday’s statistics, this month’s statistics, the last 30 days, access details, and this


section is mainly reflected in the browsing intensity of the 24 hours a day for Internet users, when it is a peak time for browsing on this website. In this way, you can know which period of time is appropriate to do some promotion, in order to achieve a good promotion effect.

3. search engine

it can be divided into search engine, search keywords, recently from the background data you can see at a glance the relative ranking of search engine which brings a site traffic to your website, you certainly know the different search engines a popularity, from different search engines can see some correlation what about the site, for example, he is from which the keyword which search engine to your website traffic from the Internet users interested in what keywords belongs to this website, recently a promotion effect is good, is not reached a desired effect? Ranking from one a heat of keywords, we know the key is how to select the. Below must do the corresponding website keyword promotion!


4. antecedents

it can be divided into antecedents, domains, antecedents, pages and antecedents. According to the source domain we give a small example: such as Baidu post, Baidu know, Baidu space, 100.

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