The four step how to make web analytics more valuable

where to start writing the website analysis report? The report should select and use what index? How to make the results more valuable? These are often encountered in our analysis report in writing site problems. This article shares a process of creating a website analysis report that makes analysis reports more valuable through four steps.

first, the purpose of a clear analysis, mining valuable analysis needs


The business purpose of the

website generates analytical requirements, and the value of the requirements directly affects the value of the analysis results. Therefore, before we start writing a website analysis report, we should carefully consider and fully tap the value of the analysis. Well, what kind of analysis requirements are valuable to analyze requirements? First we’ll look at three of the most common customer analysis requirements.

first class customers have a clear analysis of the needs of the second types of customers has a very vague needs, third types of customers can not clearly express their analytical needs. For the second and third types of customers, the purpose and need of the analysis must be clearly defined before they are analyzed. And the relationship between these analytical requirements and the ultimate business objectives. Without a clear purpose, there is no analysis of the demand, nor the significance of the analysis. In this case, you will not know how to start the analysis, not to mention the value of the analysis. However, not all of the customer’s needs will be valuable. Sometimes the information our customers give us is not really what he wants. At this point, we need to analyze the meaning behind customer demand and get real value requirements. The value of the analysis directly determines the value of the analysis result. The most valuable demand is related to how to bring benefits to customers.

two, determine the analysis method and report logic



identified the valuable customer requirements, we moved on to the second step, choosing the analysis methods to use and the logic in the report. The first is the choice of analytical methods. The choice of analysis is mostly determined by the customer’s needs and problems. The primary customers were apt to be progressive method put forward three questions:? Why? And how to modify and improve? These three questions can be applied to almost any situation, such as advertising, website structure, page quality analysis, transformation and analysis etc.. For these three problems, we can usually use the three methods of comparative analysis, subdivision analysis and quality analysis to solve them.

for reporting logic, we give a general analysis logic, user influence action transformation yield. This logic can be combined with most advertising methods and website business model. We will analyze different stages of logic mapping to different parts of the user, advertisement, website, etc.. And select accurately for the purposes and questions in each section

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