The secret to being the most successful movie station New station must read

said the movie station, many people know that the competition is very fierce, almost just learn novice website will do, but the success of the little man, why is this?

1: insufficient funds, 2: no technology, 3: site duplication too much, 4: the content is almost all acquisition, 5: templates flooding. There are a few not list, I also do the movie station, although do not have the old hand so long, but the feeling is still very deep.

below, I’ll explain the main points of a successful movie station.

first of all, we must rent a good space. Now the space for the movie station is almost all foreign. We must not be afraid to spend money, want to rent a good point, a large space of IIS best high, not limited to the best, but don’t believe all the space that must look at quality before buying, can pay the best recommend the best money to rent a VPS.

of course, the former station can not be used.

second is the site of the program, we recommend you choose MAX a little advertising, but the impact is not big, the following text ads also several pages of the play, they also want to survive, we do not want to understand, advertising can be removed, can go to Baidu to find advertising articles. We chose the program, then do not change, not because of a few small functions or plug-ins on the exchange program, which is detrimental to SEO.

third is now the new template, comes with the template with only change point error, a large number of people using the same template of SEO is not good, I hope you can try to modify the original and different. A little technical, you can go to imitate a unique. That’s great for SEO,

third is the content issue. This is very serious, and everyone’s content is almost identical. They are all collected. Hope that we have collected well, you can manually change. Can do pseudo original. Yes, I hope you can add your own manual movies.

at the very beginning of the movie station, people must choose the key words. Don’t pick keywords that are difficult to compete with. This is very bad for your new station. Too large unless you have confidence in the competition. You can choose some special keyword.

The SEO and optimization of the

website is not very good for me. I’m a friend of mine. This article hopes to inspire you,


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