There are 5 kinds of websites that women want most and 3 are unexpected two


women want most unexpected, 3 (a)

in addition to the five website, worth a book is a list of Quantcast also comes with a very powerful website, especially attracted many women, that is SmileyCentral (Quantcast information here)! It makes people free to download some "small smile" pattern (called "emoticon"), can embedded in the email or IM message. This website, female users is almost two times that of men, and women should love "lovely things", yes! If so, it should only young women love? No! All wrong! This website main users, mostly turned out to be in the elderly, and is low! Income, education level is low, the global computer network also do not understand these things, should say is a network of so-called "light users". Light users of women, had to use a smile website, make it a month and nearly 20 million not repeat visitors, ranking thirty-ninth in the nation, compare the current mobile phone ringtones, bell universal popularity, is not give entrepreneurs some new direction? > , full text.

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