My movie station was Baidu’s experience

has looked at other people’s website a little bit of development, looking at the small station a little bit of big, envy of the heart are itching, but helpless is not their own technology. Later, in the introduction and help of friends, as long as there is enthusiasm, no technology can succeed. So I have my own station, although the operation is simple, not too much technical content, I am still very confident of him.

08 years in early May, my little station has its own face, out of sight. The beginning is not smooth, the daily IP are poor in the single digits, so at the suggestion of a friend, a little a bit optimization, optimization to IP the same day to break the 300, at that time very excited. But second days and good times don’t last long, flow down, although the breakthrough single digits, but I still feel strange. They have been optimized in accordance with the old method, but did not expect that this time the effect is not very good. So they only groping forward, in various portals and webmaster BBS began the difficult promotion, because friends said to be included in the search engine will be good to do some.

after a period of promotion, Google soon included my station, the number of pages with the number of days and their updates, bit by bit increased. At the same time, Baidu has not yet moved, but to be included in the Google, they have confidence. Not much effort, finally Baidu in late May also included. Although the first time to look at more than 300 pages, and then see less and less, but I still have confidence, see the dawn of the development of small station.

there are many webmaster are criticized Baidu’s capricious, included after being K, but I want to be included by Baidu, whether or not by K does not matter. You are not to fall after K and included, as long as there is an experience, I believe that after all the webmaster be K or methods were included again, after Baidu is in this industry, also need to consider the needs of many users. After the webmaster flow up, it also had to re included.

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