Network Summary a payment is an accumulation

is actually a year ago, I was in the webmaster nets published four articles, "sumcl tea seized the electronic commerce of the" long tail ".", "Shang Ke, create another spring" electronic commerce, "tea and other traditional brands to develop online channels", "new 15 days Google sandbox escape".

was published only one intention: I hope each big website, improve website sumcl tea, keywords in the search engine weight. But now, now under the influence of tea, become more calm, although there are a lot of calls for Taobao big sellers out to establish their own marketing website, but I am still in the Taobao mall opened shop – sumcl tea official flagship store, because people only used Taobao shopping process, because the user of Taobao culture the shopping habits of 5 years, in addition, Taobao has been in innovation, only one purpose: is to import more traffic to Taobao, these two are not you I can have, therefore can not be ignored in this part of the customer base.

, for example, Taobao’s Taobao customers, this project has also led to a lot of webmaster thinking, these articles actually I have read part of the contribution articles,

The main idea of

has two: one is alone can do, they represent a product, this way may need to set up the team, not a specific process and the division of labor, when soaring in the late sales, may touch the ceiling, the performance will be straight jump, this may be a link error in the middle. For example, a customer in the customer requirements without question or expected time to answer or solve, then one after another to produce a chain reaction, finally together could have had a break in a moment of the whole project.

two is the establishment of a guest website, and then through a variety of methods to import traffic, of course, with a variety of factors, such as Taobao Taobao sellers suddenly withdrawn off promotion plan, may the turnover rate is very low, but the sale itself is a probability event, you take the initiative to promote the products to meet customer demand just now, the transaction agree. Because of this, we still have to constantly increase the amount of Web site access.

The key to

, now I want to say is the whole life plan, first tell a little story: there are two monks, is to drink water to the temple, their ability is the same, every day can only carry ten barrels of water, one of the monks took ten day to fight a full bucket of water, another a monk every day only carry nine barrels of water, leaving a bucket of water to repair physical channels, and then many years later, the two old monk, the first monks have no water to drink, second monks have opened the tap water to drink.

said the purpose of this story is trying to tell you in the same situation, planning is very important, if you want to take off the Taobao as a long-term planning, and not be slow to implement your ideas, then you may need to find a lot of high reputation and long term in Taobao customers to promote Taobao sellers >

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