No longer rely on advertising to support my life please think about your future

explain, my mistress culture, so could not write a Book of things, but also hope that the understanding of mere trash.

03 years I began to contact the site, 04 years using online advertising to start making money, perhaps I was too stupid, so money is always just to live a good day, when it comes to money is really a bit sad!

for 07 years and I began to be changed, looking for a better way, perhaps to find a better job, or your own small business, really maybe than live like Tashi station.

but as I said, I am stupid can not find a good job is not to do business, but one day one of my friends introduced me to a single business, to a company to do a website, that is required is very simple, my heart has no bottom,

can still crustily skin of head, did not expect the 37 twenty-one let me fix the 1800 oceans (advertising fee is about half a month), because the demand is not very high, Lanlansansan about one week on the delivery of money.

, this is a good business. I’ve been doing it all the time. But I’ve just started thinking about the company that makes websites. How do I compete? What else do I have to compete for?

?Remote assistance services, management, optimization and promotion way home

with my own advantage and so on, what big companies sometimes 2 words to make money, I can take advantage of him when I am free, so I shangliaozeichuan till now, the income higher than before, people easily than before among them, also have bitter tears are also not 11 described.

and share some personal experience:

, the first is your body, the body is the capital of revolution, but you also say that you should exercise more every day, but have you done it yourself?

someone is not suitable for the webmaster profession, do not ask me why, only you know, calm down to think about it.

if you come to think about whether something can be done, I suggest you do it and see the result again.

always stay in mind, especially when they contact with others (not called you trick, we have a tragic lesson).

2009 is coming, and I wish the comrades who are still fighting on the webmaster will continue to work hard,


can only write something like this, please do not laugh at


, have time to write something,


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