Zhang Shengrong Secrets of independent blog common problems

in recent days, there have been some new problems and ask very dish, don’t reply, because before Zhang Shengrong is passed from the new, naturally will not forget to help others, help others at the same time, but also help yourself, just take some time and master, can jump over, the following is a summary of the following Zhang Shengrong independent common problem:


Q: how to choose domain name, go to register domain name registration,


A:, it’s better to have your own real name, brand for the past, it’s a long-term plan. If your name is registered or his surname is not good, can be referred to it, and then in front of or behind the insertion of a key, such as: SEOZSR. don’t like Zhang Shengrong now for too long, do not have what meaning, it is difficult for users to write down. Then go to the station to register the registration, such as: network interconnection, 35 new network, renamed, security. To the small station is not safe, I do not know the day ran did not know, all the time on the trouble.

, Q:, website space, virtual space or independent space, where to choose, and more in


A: is best placed in the country, many people do not like the filing, because the filing trouble. Have to choose foreign hosts. How to say that the domestic host is faster than abroad, generally normal choice of virtual space, because it can not afford to buy independent space is too expensive. An independent blog, 200M space, +100M data is enough.

Q: independent blog location, who is your user base,


A:, for example: Zhang Shengrong blog is to study the network promotion of personal original blog, or new Adsense enterprises, this is very important.

How does

Q: classify blog columns?

A: suggested that the key word is divided into four columns, which are your sub keywords, too many classifications, and so many of them written by yourself.

What style does

Q: independent blogger look like,


A: Jane is generous. The user came over to read the text. It’s not good. Your style is so nice. The simpler, the better.

Q: can not write original articles, how to quickly learn to write articles,

A: will not write the original writing scripts, not write side piece is that sentence, the sentence will not write to the message, at least one Shengrong will thank you. No original fast class, every day a little bit accumulation, Zhang Shengrong is from the pseudo original is over, this road is not easy, as long as the threshold, then write the original is very easy, "said Tang’s brother will write the original webmaster easy success, do not write the original webmaster very difficult to succeed in

said this!

Q:, why are you writing so well? What tools have you made?

A: this is very simple, that is, the local written articles, using network editing tools for typesetting. This tool, Baidu, "network editing tools" on the line found.

How does

Q: change with a peer independent blog?

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