Three types of unconventional chain construction


chain has been a very important issue for SEO workers, and was considered to be the most important optimization work for SEO in the early days. Now, the role of the chain has been weakened part, so many webmaster think the chain useless. This statement is actually problematic. Niche not, and share your views.

the role of the chain beyond doubt. Recently, often heard netizens said the chain has been useless, here niche to say, the chain will certainly exist for a long time, and even more important than ever before. Because even if all search engines are hitting the chain, but we still can not ignore the fact that search spiders are crawling through links to find new pages. As long as the technical mechanism is not completely changed, the role of the chain will not disappear, it will only become more and more big.

The chain before

, mainly in the Forum (post reply, personal homepage, blog (signature), Bo Wen, Links, blog sprocket) as search engines, and began to understand the law of the chain, the chain of these places has been given more and more low. So, should we try some new ways out of the chain,


chain is not the number of times to win, the quality of a single chain is more important than quantity. Here are some of the current search engines still love the chain resources.

chain resources one: the major platforms of the shop.

how do you say, every industry are more or less some large platform website, and the website platform generally have a shop or the Yellow Pages function, these places can be inserted into the text links, and some can even insert the anchor text link, and the website authority, high correlation, belongs to the rare resources chain. For example, the niche has a travel website called poly road travel network, I find the online shop is the major travel platform online shop, has been looking for nearly 20 online shop, the effect is very good.

chain resources two: article submission.

everyone knows about it, but it’s hard for everyone to find it. There are a few techniques here, and today I’m just talking about a technique, that’s the destination (:

) of the submission

(1), the first is based on your own good writing articles, and then contribute to the corresponding site up;

(2) second, according to the nature of the industry, contribute to the corresponding peer websites or integrated news sites.

chain resources three: large category information network.

classified information website usually content are rich, they have a greater chance of weight, and generally we are in specific industry segments, there is a huge advantage, classified information website almost all daily free places. This kind of chain is the most able to open the gap with the peers, and make good use of classification sites, will make their website weight soaring. Of course, most classification information >

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