Are we doing the station or making money from the station

a year ago, from the beginning of their own interests, to hope to be able to grow, to transition into a dumpster, hunhun do stand one year after the meal, I confused, do stop, we really figure what


wanted to do a local portal station, can dominate the party at the local, thoughtful and find yourself without the energy, nor the financial resources to support, also hope to be a software exchange station, but found himself without the skill and ability, the movie station is my first web site, is now my only the web site. Perhaps it is interest, I hope to have more friends to my website to see movies, can provide a platform for friends to see the movies they want to see.

with this force, I made a movie program, although the acquisition, but go to business, I don’t want to let it become a garbage station, looked at his website IP like a child grow up, I am very happy, dream of the day, to become well-known local movie website to the point of vanity, I hung up an advertisement, when looking at the digital alliance continuously change the temptation, I added a IP in digital advertising, growth, beating, beating the bottom line number once again blow my mind three, four……

advertising is also growing fast, I find the high cost of advertising, what increases, what beauty, what private, high cost, I used, when IP exceeds 1W, advertising on the page also has more than 6 times, "dragged slowly. Sometimes not show part of the page, is a bit of advertising was stuck in the middle of the template, use is table, advertising is directly on the page to call, the speed of the site, I decided to change, "determines the size of the display speed, I used div+css, advertising that dragged down the page loads, I used the $(" ".InnerHTML=" ");; on the final loading show to the original advertising, when a new site appears in front of me when, page load faster, but sometimes there are advertisements very slowly, sometimes wrong, sometimes even No.

(so far I don’t know why, this is the revised div+css station, I hope you can help me answer:

day, IP has increased, advertising is much less, depressed, careful analysis, IP increased because the page loading complete, the final statistics JS can drop and click advertising is used, has a close relationship with the delay in the ads, the original web page loading is slow while loading the page user the possibility of boring little advertising, so advertising revenue is high, the revision for more than a week, but for such treatment, I smile, while IP increased, but no increase in advertising revenue, I asked myself, useful? Suddenly thought of himself long ago to do the ideal – > station

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