nner Mongolia T laboratory lead nner Mongolia nternet website development

looks thin, wearing glasses, always pondering, he is Inner Mongolia IT lab founder of "closed door practice, they from the initial interest to practitioners now dig the characteristics of the industry, Inner Mongolia local industry active element activation. It is said that the 05 years when they began to explore the application of Internet and gradually set up a virtual team of nearly 30 people, although for part-time online without any paid work team, members of the sense of responsibility and enthusiasm is very high, made so many well-known industry personnel have praised the achievements, has more than three years in the past, the team is still strong, so many webmaster curious and admire.

from 2002 to 2006, although there have been some experience of the site and site operation experience of the case, but did not meet the "closed door practice". In 2007, the "closed door practice" began to focus on IT industry dynamics and analysis of the country, especially in Inner Mongolia, he felt the Inner Mongolia Internet and other domestic city, area difference: local industry development started late, Internet application services and content services, lack of technical personnel and funds are the overall level of big bottleneck based employees and professional projects is not high. In order to activate the local industry elements, stimulating the development of Inner Mongolia IT industry as a whole, but also help some other webmaster, hatching excellent IT project, at the beginning of 2007, Inner Mongolia Internet industry incubator and think-tank established website — Inner Mongolia’s IT laboratory, now hatching site 15.

initially identified the goals of the Inner Mongolia IT laboratory: Inner Mongolia’s most influential IT industry think tank and entrepreneurial incubator. The Inner Mongolia IT laboratory operation webmaster Jordan described the cause of the establishment of the Inner Mongolia IT laboratory: "Inner Mongolia local IT enterprises, and the success of the project is the lack of talent, local IT talent mobility is very low, less sophisticated talent, industry started late, really do website operators mostly novice, need to have a training stage. IT projects like laboratory products, research, testing, which has a lot of fun. The Internet industry in Inner Mongolia needs such industry information and project research platforms." Inner Mongolia website development process is facing all kinds of difficulties, such as local regulatory control of new industries are whether the actual understanding and support, industry products and services, talent and technology based positioning "threshold" across, professional management team experience is mature and customer service ability etc.. At present, IT laboratories in Inner Mongolia from three levels will be profitable commercial projects, the potential vertical web site projects and "staking" service website project of 15 website projects for training, has successfully hatched some excellent sites in the Inner Mongolia area: like, such as Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia Automotive Network Online IT laboratory, Inner Mongolia real estate network etc..

Among the

IT labs operations in Inner Mongolia, one of the site’s best rankings and traffic results is ALEXA ranked 12 thousand

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