Baidu snapshot does not show Title Description how to solve

today, a friend of mine asked me a question about a medical website in which he was in charge. There was no title and description in Baidu’s web page, and there was only one URL left. I asked in detail about the specific circumstances of the site, the site has seven years of history, included over yuan, the recent revision, Baidu drop right, Baidu included the decrease, this two days to amend the three big label website home page, Baidu snapshot update yesterday, so what’s the problem?

bear search under their website, found that at present Baidu included only left home, and the situation is miserable. Click on "Baidu snapshot": the content is "your query keywords appear only in the title of the web page or in the link to this page. If the opening is slow……". As shown in Figure:


then, how about a snapshot of Baidu under normal circumstances? Here’s a snapshot of a bear’s blog:


sees here, the friend that believes to understand should see the problem is where. Yes, that’s the problem with setting up the site’s robots.txt files. Click on the robots.txt search engine protocol file

below his website

User-agent: *

this statement means that the pointer is

for all search engines

Disallow: /

this statement means to shield all files from the web site

the robots.txt file means that all the files on the site are blocked by all search engines, and search engines are not allowed to access them.

, here’s another example of Taobao. As we all know, Taobao is shielding search engines, the following we see his Baidu snapshot how:


Taobao’s display in Baidu’s web page


Taobao Baidu snapshot case

Taobao robots.txt statement:

User-agent: Baiduspider

Disallow: /

User-agent: baiduspider

Disallow: /

specific meaning will not explain, ha ha, shielding Baidu, all understand.

here, I believe we should know how to do details of the site is important. Finally, bear popularized one about r>

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