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China’s Internet has developed rapidly, according to statistics, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 253 million. China has become the most populous country in the world. The rapid development of the Internet has led to the development of related industries, personal websites have sprung up like mushrooms, and personal Adsense has become an important driving force for the development of the internet.

The number of

personal websites is tens of thousands, and personal Adsense is not the same. Some personal Adsense is out of interest, and some personal Adsense is to earn some money, and some personal Adsense is want to use the network to realize the dream of this platform. No matter for what purpose, individual stationmaster hopes his individual website has flow, the netizen likes. It can be said that a large number of people build websites for profit and see others make money on the website. I want to get a website too. I think I can make money after I have built a website. But do not see, the site on the Internet so much, most of them have made money? Money must have, but that is a small part of the personal website. We may say, hao123 wide, stationmaster net, Chinese station and so on, indeed these personal websites have achieved great success, but these website owners paid a number of efforts may be later did not know, another point is that we now compared to the previous Internet has changed a lot. Things are often unsatisfactory, many personal websites quietly blooming on the Internet, and then disappeared silently.

those successful personal webmaster, perhaps the website has become an important part of your life, your success is obvious to all, you pay yourself most clearly.


is now in order to web efforts and persistent struggle for personal webmaster, if your website has been successful, oh, Congratulations! If your personal website is not much improvement, you should not be discouraged, can continue to insist! Of course can also give up, usually we always said we adhere to is victory, but sometimes the more persistent will fail even worse! Because you start out in the wrong direction, give up a


youth so beautiful, brothers, don’t expect overnight, don’t envy others luxury cars, under the heart, good life! The individual webmaster friends, don’t put too much of your time and the beautiful youth are used in your personal website, which affect learning, work and life etc.. Don’t often late at night, no sleep, do not stop working on the network, if this is true, it does not take a long time, you may have dizziness and tinnitus phenomenon, some owners may occasionally boil for one or two nights full of go young, does not matter, if such a long time, the body slowly will be a problem. You play in a world of the network, is the most valuable in exchange for health, the value of it? We do stand, no matter for what purpose, interest or make money or to have a normal heart to treat, with a smile at success and failure, gain and loss.

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