An efficient ASO optimization strategy for five Google Play applications

, many APP developers have sea dreams, partly because of the fierce competition in the China Mobile Internet market, on the other hand, is to expand the user base. If the developer decides to go to sea, then how to make the application stand firmly on the Google Play is probably the job you have to consider. In this article, master ASO will talk with you about some of the main points of the Google Play application ASO optimization.


Although the

app store by following the ASO search engine optimization (SEO) logic, but the Google app store, app store, the Android app stores have different features, so we suggest that you must be in the market for different applications developed with ASO optimization strategy. For example, in the Google app store, you can start with the following six aspects. These six aspects will help you improve your application rankings and increase downloads.

one, visual effects

first before optimization, we put aside all the optimization ideas, and thinking about how to convince users’ download you "and" you ", Google graphical methods actively encourage developers to adopt Play in the store guide. In practice, an application icon is also the first contact that users know about your product. Therefore, application diagrams need to be attractive and require two messages to be communicated to the user.

1, download my – allows users to click on the download button is the ultimate mission of your application icon, in order to do this, you should try to make the application icon is concise and simple, and completely conforms to the type of application services for users want, at this point, the master ASO that must not underestimate its the importance and the need to test multiple versions of A/B.

2, use me – to make users really like you after downloading, and use you, but in this process, the application of icons is not very effective. However, the application icon can still play a role, as it exists in the user’s mobile phone desktop, if it has a out of the ordinary background? One way is to use the border, is to highlight the user’s mobile phone desktop.


master ASO to remind you that in the Google app store, the user’s activity is also a considerable weight and ranking, improve the basic methods of user activity, you have a good product is worth the user to use.

two, application title


compared with the Apple App store, Google app store application title length more stringent requirements, currently only allows a maximum of 30 characters, for developers, the regulations will limit the number of keywords can be used in the title. So we have to choose the powerful keyword that directly reacts to the role of APP, and you can try to make your APP have a unique "no"

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