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first, let’s take a look at the Facebook and MySpace search results trends provided by Google correlate.

(why is there no Facebook data after 09 years? I think a successful company can prove itself without any data.



both companies are social networking sites during the big bang. But there are some differences between them. MySpace is more like a blog site, and Facebook sends messages directly in new ways. MySpace users is the number of young people, Facebook users are college students (because of the need of University e-mail address Facebook first register to register, so other industries who are not qualified to use). As the population ages, the user base has changed. As a result, Facebook users will become more and more, while MySpace will only stay at a certain age level, and more people will prefer to use Facebook after Facebook is open to registration. As in the country, the majority of the people playing QQ space are teenagers, and the older ones have moved to Renren, Kaixin and micro-blog. In the urban sitcom "love apartment 2", the actress said, "have you ever seen anyone over 30 who is still decorating their QQ space?"


(two site age layer analysis, 2008 data). On the two website, teenagers are the main force, but 14-17 year old teenagers use MySpace far more than Facebook, because the MySpace interface is attractive and attracts children. Interestingly, among users over 51, MySpace is far more than Facebook)

There are also a large number of professionals on the

Facebook, especially those in the business and computer fields. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any professionals on the MySpace. Such professionals like challenging life, creative people, and girls. And musicians, comedians and fashion designers are more likely to use MySpace.

Facebook has a large number of applications can be used for the users, but also attract a large number of users, but if you think the screen is full of confusing information, or the use of MySpace, more clean and fresh. Facebook is the beginning of the interface is really cool, but slowly, without advertising, advertising information, game information, Shuabing friends, really make people feel a little bored.


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