Beginner is the way out where You are fit for Wangzhuan

for the novice recruits confused, others make money, he also threw not short time, is not to earn money, where the problem, I believe many people are looking for the answer, what the problem is? Here, I help you analyze, hope you have a new understanding of the a Wangzhuan industry.

first, the new entrants are looking for how to make money quickly, how to do the fastest gains.

in fact, the new entrants are coming with this wonderful vision, some people earned, but there are still a large number of people do not earn money. The same starting in the same way, not some people say that Wangzhuan replication can succeed? Why not


in fact, there is a misunderstanding, not copied, you can succeed, is copied, you may succeed, but you do not copy, the chances of success slim. If a software, do the teacher teach, you can make with the master version of the work? No, this is the result of hard work and more training on their own, teach you how to use only, and you have to make good work, you need to be derived, some training fees or Wangzhuan. Free, just put the idea to teach you how to perform specific effect, still have to rely on their own way.

second, with good projects, see someone making money, but when you start, you can’t make money.

this is a big problem, as the operation of the same thing, others earned, didn’t you earn, you will in the edge of confusion, is not their ability or project out? The answer is different, you don’t learn, because some of the core things just follow suit, will certainly have a problem.

when a problem, you have to look at the operation process of their own, if some places not in place, and you have to look at the execution rate, not to use mass software, send it, you will have to see how to copy something too similar, you get into your own or pseudo original the. Imagine selling the same thing, like the sound of crying, or a few happy tears, the problem here, if you cries more, maybe people will come to you in the same way, Wangzhuan is the same, so much on your own head, see more, many of the same things out there, you take the essence to its dregs, the effect will be much better.

third, training. Network above a lot of training, out of the students have to earn money, there is no money, how do you distinguish between good and bad training?.

training, my view is to quickly dry up the resources that come out to share, can not say that he is a scam, but some values different people, his evaluation is not the same. For example, if the training instructors do this project, the peak time is a monthly salary of 10 thousand, stable after a period of time, gradually reduce the monthly salary, why would reduce? Because this is not a person to do Wangzhuan, a lot of people, when he practices exposed many knowledgeable people to learn, so that the original the interests of the founder will be.

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