How can you do more than 5000P movie station

Hello everybody, since the website to now also has almost 2 months, the code is still nothing to know, a long time did not write the soft text, not don’t want to write, really can’t write things, I’m not a soft Wen master. Today is the time to write, since I built Marx movie stand up to now almost 2 months, during this period there have been bitter had to stay up late, more happy because every day watching IP very happy growing psychology, webmaster friends and I like it, because as a website is to let look, no one can see you happy.

well, etc.anyway began seriously, the time spent 50 money to buy a Marx movie program, second days of regret, but think about it, it is 50 dollars, no matter, take the time to use the website to go up, learn a few days SEO in online learning, (I) so desperately to optimize your web site, I is the movie station optimization part of the main title, is the name of the site, and the film is introduced, and in part, do not know if you are not with me to check it, I optimized the word is a free online movie, half a month about Baidu included me, although not included more than 19 pages, but every day from Baidu to IP has reached more than 5000, the best time to reach 6000IP during this period have been K included repeated experience, K psychology is very afflictive, separated The day also included (happy) my station is opened in May 24th to statistics, now every IP remained above 5000 in less than 2 months to have such a result to me what a people who do not know, it is very happy, so put some advertising pop up, not what to think less money to earn back to space, 500MB space 500, what all don’t understand, I bought it. So did, and now is not successful, not necessarily when Baidu unhappy, gave me K.

my site 2009 film, the key word "my movie online free, Baidu can find me, can do third, first I do not, I need to study more, continue to work hard, and I hope we work together to progress together.

good article wrote here, writing is not how good, not a lot of beautiful language, not smooth words, because rarely write articles, we patiently look good places to write you to the point, I hope you will support me, I hope you website Yuebanyuehao, IP soaring. Crazy money.

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