How many websites promotion methods do you know


web site to make money must be extended, in fact is the webmaster website promotion from beginning to end are quite annoying problem, some methods in this paper from the popular online, which you have several? Welcome to discuss your promotion, hope to help.

website promotion, optimization, more legs to walk. Whether personal website or corporate website; both domestic websites, or domestic websites; whether agency web site, or independent website; whether public website templates, or the use of the unique individual creation, website design and website construction, in addition to update, the most important is the website promotion. Web site construction can not be loose, website promotion to keep up with.

1 QQ group website promotion method. With dozens of QQ, each QQ join dozens of groups, send the website once a day. An average of 50 qq*, each QQ join 50 groups * 50 people per group, =75000 people watch. If QQ is more, join more groups, join a large group, and the number of each group is more, then the propaganda effect is better. Even excluding non online QQ users, the effect should not be underestimated. Bear, not afraid of being kicked.

2 search engine website promotion method. The novice webmaster, keen is the basic method. Search website function is to integrate network resources, to find the most suitable web site content, to other sites to bring traffic, is its unexpected side effects. Many webmaster class website promotion column, seems to have become SEO zone. SEO’s best method is web code specification, access speed, unique content, less repetition, useful to the Internet users, but also unique.

3 soft Wen website promotion method. Write articles, or cite good articles, and subtly add your own url.

4 blog website promotion method. Soft Wen should have published place. One is sent to the forum, the article station, one is sent to the blog. Send to the blog has a benefit, will not be deleted.

5 media website promotion law. Let traditional media, newspapers, television, radio, etc..

6 mobile phone website promotion law. WAP website, mass SMS, CRBT tips and so on. The function of mobile phone is more and more strong, small and easy to carry. After that, the number of mobile phone users must exceed the number of computers.

7 web site promotion law. Improve the quality of web pages, pictures, post to web station and aggregation websites. If recommended, you can also have a lot of traffic.

8 forum website promotion law. Register dozens of hundreds of forums, each forum registered dozens of accounts, the signature as your own website. Publish popular content, oneself top one’s post. Pay attention to changing vests and issue controversial headlines. Good title is 100% of success or failure of forum promotion. The forum here refers to the pan forum, including guestbook, forum, post bar and so on, where all Internet users may congregate.


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