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electricity supplier shopping guide platform from the beginning of 08 years, large and small shopping guide station has sprung up like mushrooms, development is uneven. How to do shopping guide station has been plagued by many Taobao customers. Some time ago I heard Beijing white vinegar network technology to share the secret Sheng Station Shopping guide, recommend it to everyone, the following is the content sharing network technology:

readme vinegar

‘s three core principles,

network technology is the beginning of 2012 vinegar do shopping guide, the first to do on the PC side of the web management guide, began to push APP mobile phone last year, is currently focused on two core APP, 9 pieces of 9 bags of mail order and the joy of amoy. We adhere to the "small selection, updated daily, limited time sale" principle,.

a small selection refers to the selection of more than a dozen products a day. This has the advantage of two things: the first flow is more concentrated, if there are one million traffic, tens of thousands of goods every day, only one hundred of each commodity flow. But if it is only assigned to one hundred items, each item has ten thousand flow, so the value of the business bigger, product conversion rate is better.

"updated daily, sale" refers to every day new, every time the show will be more than three days, why do so, mainly to cultivate habits of users, allowing users every day to our website. Because a lot of good product, after this point there is No.

one ultimate secret: make simple patterns great,

to do Taobao passengers, it is necessary to take Taobao as a career to do, the simple mode to achieve perfection. What’s this simple model? For us, it’s a constant recommendation of premium baby, a real quality baby. This is the core value of our network technology to create the vinegar. A commodity, recommended good and bad conversion rate of ten times, a hundred times, if pushed ten, each is a selection of baby, the overall conversion rate is very different,

Four highlights of

‘s featured baby

1, professional manual screening

powerful fashion editors: we have a fashion editorial department. The daily work is visiting the Tmall Taobao, select cost-effective baby, constantly sum up experience and lessons, try to figure out the user. This is also a magic weapon for our survival. Such a simple thing, long held out, is very scary. Many of our editors now to what extent? They look at the price of a baby look at the description, you can know how much the baby hit rate, conversion rate, up to sell much! This at fourth points in detail.

2, powerful technical grab and user filter

1) access to the whole station selling treasure, forming a commodity library. In addition to the editorial team, we also have our own technology team to acquire Taobao and Tmall through technical means

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