Cold start Betta TV Analysis Report

1, product brief

1, product introduction,

TV is a type of barrage Betta live live video sharing sites, to provide services for users and live events. Betta TV mainly covers the game live, sports, arts, entertainment, and other outdoor broadcast content.

Betta TV formerly known as ACFUN live broadcast live, on January 1, 2014 officially renamed Betta TV.

March 15, 2016, Betta TV announced B round of Tencent led investment financing over one hundred million dollars, at the same time, A round investors Sequoia Capital and capital will continue to invest in nanshan. In August 15th, Betta live completed 1 billion 500 million yuan C round of financing, capital and investment led by the Phoenix Tencent, in 2016 the cumulative amount of financing more than 2 billion yuan macropodus.

2, business process

product participation and upstream and downstream triage: audience registration, login, if you want to become an anchor, you need to go through real name authentication, you can become an anchor after you have passed the audit.

content production: including the beginning of the anchor, the launch process provided by CDN vendors video streaming technology support. Betta in live content distribution, users watch content through fish to enter the studio. In particular, the head for some content, quality content, they buy copyrighted content (including signing anchor and event broadcast) and distribution.

content consumption: users live in the process of watching, the anchor to appreciate, etc., to generate consumption, the reward will be transformed into part of the anchor virtual currency.

platform is divided into: Betta interests into the prescribed proportion according to the amount of virtual currency and anchor. Other operating costs (outside of the platform) include payments to CDN vendors and content copyright fees that provide technical support.

3, business model

two, current status,

1, stage

(nearly a year of Betta TV mobile terminal downloads trend)

has a total download capacity of nearly 250 million times. Valuation 1 billion. Officials said more than 2000 live broadcast rooms. Two years, Macropodus after three financing, generous sponsorship, signing anchor teams, broadcast events, quickly gather resources, to grow the domestic broadcast industry leading enterprises. As of now, Betta ALEXA ranking (global website) has entered the global 300, the top 30, the average daily IP over 7 million, over 40 million daily PV. Betta TV peak time often have 5000 anchor online at launch, a total of 8 billion were sent in a barrage of game player Betta TV, every day through the original video produced by anchor reached tens of thousands of hours.

then compares its PC side and the TV side, and knows that its development stage should be stable.

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