Experience in studying website editors

for more than four years, not to mention how professional, but has worked in a foreign education portal channel and a study of intermediary companies, some small wise remark of an experienced person is willing to share with you.

personally officially entered the editing this area also accidentally, just graduated from University, eyes is full of confusion. Although in the university computer for a few years, but about university education, we don’t have to talk too much, the various feelings you have several natural, all work after entering the website editor field is one thing, my lucky good, etc.anyway.

about web editor

website editor’s official definition, we can refer to the content of an encyclopedia.

, here’s a superficial view of the profession:

early stage, first familiar with the use of Web site background program, understand the industry’s major mainstream media sites on the study abroad news reports. In the beginning, you will feel that the website editor is a network carrier, copying and pasting every day. But through a period of familiarity, we will find that with their "copy paste" increased, the content of the industry also increased understanding. Gradually, we will find our own views on certain events, policies, and then collect a variety of views and information, and then sort out the content, which is what we call website special copy.

about technology

some people say that the editor is no foundation, find a person can do, if only "network porters" is indeed so, copy and paste, just like talking about QQ, as long as you can pinyin. But just copy and paste the website editor toddler stage, the above mentioned website topic, the final form of the web page, making web pages need to understand the HTML code, and then to consider to do with DIV+CSS or TABLE+CSS, it is not to add FLASH and Javascript interaction module and dynamic effect, what color and style of the page. BANNER and page picture how to design. Some people would say, "we have artists, and that’s not for me to consider. I’m only responsible for the content."". The content is king, but only if you know anything, just like a Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork will only do cook, you can edit the site more and more far, should do print, rather than doing media. Network media has the characteristic is timely, vivid, interactive, the effect will be all things to all men present to your readers, is the Internet users. You know and don’t understand these things, directly determine the content you finally presented to the user, is not the result you want.

here, including content, including web editing software, FLASH production software and picture processing software.

here’s a brief introduction of some of the software I use:

· web editing software: Dreamweaver;


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